Telegram Tonight – Jamuary 3, 2023

WOW! The newest batch of Twitter Files confirms the US government was censoring true information surrounding the origins of C19.

The State Dept was particularly sensitive to any talk of C19 being an “engineered bioweapon” or suggesting that it came from a “lab”. Immediately flagging them as “Russian proxies”.

Well it turns out it was man-made, and the US government covered it up.

They made it, they let it out, and then censored anyone who pieced it together.

Crimes. Against. Humanity.


When that Elon tweet comes…..


There has been a lot of confusion about Damar Hamlin wearing #31 and #3.

Hope this helps.




Bad ass letter from #RepMattGaetz

Kevin McCarthy,

GTFO of the Speakers Office





Travis Tritt has a massive following. I love seeing him drop red-pills to the masses. 👊🔥


Turkey is pissed 🤣



Tucker Carlson: How badly does McCarthy want this job?

Tucker gives his take on McCarthy’s bid to be House speaker





DEVELOPING! Portland, Oregon: Firefighters are Batting a Large 3 alarm Church fire .

Portland Fire responding to third-alarm structure fire at 933 Clay Street in Portland. Crews are in defensive attack, potential for structural collapse per PIO.



Investors and analysts are holding their breaths for the first major economic data release this Friday: the December jobs report.



This is so good.


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