BEN FULFORD – Military fireworks expected to usher in Year of the Rabbit, January 2, 2023 ~ January 2, 2023


Editor’s Note: Thanks to E for the “top-half” of Ben Fulford’s article, and her notes below. Indeed, these are moments of untold change as the Earth, with Human citizenry, adjusts to the new circumstance of “life-on-earth” as the Khazarian overlords are removed. What will take it’s place? Humanity will adjust to living without fear, finally having “enough”, and then actually BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Some huge military moves worldwide are expected to usher in the Year of The Rabbit which begins on January 22nd on the Chinese calendar. “A new, formidable military year is coming, which will change the world and every person,” an Asian Secret society source promises. Pentagon sources predict a simultaneous massive offensive by China on Taiwan and Russia on Ukraine. However, we are hearing from Russian, Asian secret societies and other sources that there could be a simultaneous offensive by Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Serbia, Belarus and the secret space force to overwhelm all Khazarian Mafia-controlled military forces. Western Europe would fall within a matter of weeks while Taiwan is certain to surrender without putting up much of a fight. It is doubtful the South Korean military will fight much either against their compatriots from the North. Israel will also have to cut a deal before it is too late. We also hear from Secret Space Force sources that nuclear weapons will not be allowed to detonate during this conflict.

The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be one of fecundity and reproduction so why war? The situation reminds me of a Jaguar I saw on a National Geographic documentary; it grabbed, killed and ate a large Cayman (Amazonian crocodile) to get ready to go off to mate. In this case, we need to remove the reptilian predators from the body politic before the world can start a prosperous new age.

This is happening beyond any doubt. Latin American sources tell us the death of Pope Maledict XVI on December 31st was a game changer. Maledict was one of the chief architects of the March 11, 2011, Fukushima mass murder event. He also orchestrated the murder of Pope Francis and his replacement with a rubber-masked impostor. The fact only Vatican City and the United States voted against an international move to protect the environment means he also pulled the strings for the Biden horror show in the US.

Vatican sources say that on his death bed Maledict said “Quite soon, I shall find myself before the final judge of my life…as I look back on my long life, I should have great reason for fear and trembling.” The source says Maledict was hoping a last-minute recant would be his get-out of Hell for free card but, Karma does work that way. Mass murder and child rape is not something that you can get away with just by saying “sorry.” By the way, most of us do not have “great reason for fear and trembling,” about our actions. I know that when I go to meet my maker, if he tells me to “go to hell,” I will tell him to “go to hell,” because my conscience is clear (Okay, except maybe for a few awkward and embarrassing incidents).

In any case, with the Pope dead and the Rothschilds trying to negotiate a surrender, it may be possible for the KM-controlled West to throw off its shackles and reach a deal with the world liberation alliance before the military fireworks go off. 

Speaking about military fireworks, CIA sources in South America explain that President Jair Bolsonaro submitted to election theft by the Satanist Lula because…

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Benjamin Fulford, Journalist

Notes to Readers:

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Year 2023 promises to have a lot of fireworks in terms of military operations emerging out of the shadows. If you have been watching the earthquakes world wide, you will note that some of the lines of low-level (Richter scale 2 – 4) follow the lines of the underground web of tunnels located under the oceans and every continent on the planet. The DUMBs are still in the process of being taken down, the bioweapons labs carefully dismantled, any pedos/elites hiding removed, DS military subdued. The elite DS have had decades to set up dangerous “surprises” and traps to prevent penetration by Earth Alliance forces. Before 2021, the EA also had to deal with unsuspected alien combatants.

The US gov’t and at least a portion of the military have been infiltrated by the Deep State. Other anons have warned us that there would be confrontations between the two forces, White Hat military alliance and DS. NATO is dominated by the DS unless there has been significant changes. Some of what is going on… that which gets reported by the MSM, is lies and/or optics planted or “leaked” by the Earth Alliance to keep the enemy guessing. Tactics and strategy are not leaked by the real military, the White Hats. They know the future of humanity is dependent on waking up the public world wide and doing their own dangerous jobs.

As for the Rothschild Family attempting to “negotiate” a surrender, personally, I would say “NO!” to those reptilian devils, spawn of Enlil, the dark half-brother of Prince Ea. These creatures lie without compunction, break treaties and agreements, and worship Baal, eat babies, and plan to destroy humanity. There is no forgiveness that can be given to them, ever… until they are safely and completely removed from the earth plane. The Rothschild Family are the ancient royal family of the Khazars, thieves, robbers, and murderers… for centuries. They have orchestrated some of the largest slaughters of humans for centuries, both World Wars, and multiple other conflcts. They do not deserve mercy. Their “god”, Enlil, has been taken into custody on a prison planet and will not be helping them out this time. These creatures hate humanity.

Another note regarding use of nuclear devices. Our planet is being monitored by a combination of Earth Alliance Space Force and the Galactic Federation military. The latter force has four (4) motherships stationed within our solar system. They will NOT allow nuclear bombs to be denotated. The Earth Alliance Space Force will be publicly disclosed probably this year. The GFW has assisted the Earth Alliance with new technology. Med beds and other tech is being developed and built on the Lunar bases located on the dark side of Luna, our moon. These bases were formerly under the control of the NEBU, whose Mother Hive has collapsed, thanks to the excellent work of the GFW in capturing several high NEBU commanders who were attempting to flee the solar system via the massive portal near Jupiter. Commander Denethor and his men succeeded in cracking the code to the hive and sent a virus through the hive network causing it to crash, freeing several other worlds in the process. The Orion Gray Empire… yes, the Old Empire of Star Wars, has collapsed. This is vindication for all those souls who reincarnated upon Terra this time to free this planet… those who were members of the Black League, the rebels of the ancient Star Wars. The enemy has fallen! Check out Elena Danaan’s video on the Fall of the Dominion for more details. The Rothschilds and their ilk are the last outliers in an attempted planetary take-over by regressive alien forces. They and the rest of the DS willingly cooperated with the Ciakahrrs (big, dangerous Reptilians) and the NEBU and very nearly won, but for the bravery and sacrifices made by untold heros and heroines in the dark tunnels underground, places that most of us will never see. This operation was to save the children, always was.

We are not alone in the Multiverse; we never were.

This is my opinion. You’re welcome to your own. Do your own research on the Khazars.

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