QFS: The New Quantum Financial System ~ Trust The Plan! November 25, 2022 – posted Nov. 26, 2022

The next world economic system will not only be fraud-proof, it will track crime.

Also, to connect to the QFS Starlink Satellite, economic governments will have to subscribe to the Gesara Nesara protocol.

That’s why Russia asked Western NATO nations to sign a non-aggression pact.

This protocol creates International Laws that destroy the basis of Western Democracy, War and Fraud.


The QFS financial system is already up and running. It has been integrated into more than 50% of the nation states in the world.

The UK and US have failed to integrate with other countries. And they keep fighting and starting new wars to create their own Fascist Global World Government.

Part of their agenda is to destroy their own home economies and impose fascist 5G control over their populations.

This is to preserve your own personal wealth and power.

We are now in a slow battle to eliminate the corrupt Greed Monkeys in our administrations.


QFS: THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Step Out of The Matrix and Into The Golden Age!

QFS, GCR, MedBed Intel ~ Trust The Plan!

QFS: The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) ~ Infographic ~ Trust The Plan! November 21, 2022

Q, Quantum Global Financial System Reset (QFS-system) Trust the Plan!

8 thoughts on “QFS: The New Quantum Financial System ~ Trust The Plan! November 25, 2022 – posted Nov. 26, 2022

      1. We’re talking about the Quantum Financial System, they seem to be More Worried about Money than healing people that are suffering and dying. Why not set up the med beds and heal people and worry about the Money System later??? I’m tired of suffering while all they do is talk about med beds but NOBODY knows where they are.


      2. Right now, our Earth is set up on finances needed to ensure survival. Releasing MedBed technology prior to changing the money system means the MedBed system will be “captured” by the bad guys and only available for a fee. This is being changed NOW (No Other Way)! 😊🌹


      3. That sounds like BS excuses. How were the rescued children able to use the med beds but we can’t? The excuses aren’t lining up or making sense.


      4. You’re not making sense!! First excuse is We can’t use them because of the bad guys but the children has used them because of the medical events. Make up your mind. Like I said the Excuses aren’t lining up.


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