QFS: THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Step Out of The Matrix and Into The Golden Age! – Nov. 26, 2022

Translation from Portuguese to English with Deepl: 

”Planet Earth and humanity are experiencing the Great Shift of Consciousness,  The Great Awakening to Unity Consciousness.

Mother Earth is returning to being a sacred planet, and is taking the entire human  population with her (whoever wants to go). It’s a golden age beyond our wildest imagination.


It’s all about who’s running the financial system!


FROM DARK TO LIGHT –  Powerful and historic changes for you and the entire planet Earth!

The greatest distribution of wealth the world has ever seen.


● We will never go back to the old currency system

● No more printing money out of the blue

● All existing fiat money is being replaced

● The Central Bank system will no longer be owned by the Federal Reserve

● The Cabal department’s entire former slavery financial system is dead!

● No more paper notes (fiat)

● No more SWIFT

● No more monetary slavery!

As we exchange our old Fiat coins for the new gold-backed coins, we are actually exchanging the entire old Cabal Debt Slavery Financial System for a new Financial System supported by QFS Gold.


Gold/Precious Metals and Nesara/Gesara.

Two different factors for the GCR event:

● Factor 1: The RV (the revaluation of world currencies)

● Factor 2: The Quantum Financial System

In order for rainbow coins, bonds or ISO20022 assets to start moving in value, physical precious metals must first undergo a reassessment!

Once the new assessment is defined, the weight of compliance with Basel III + Bretton Woods 3 will bring legitimacy to everything else, triggering ISO20022 regulation.

GOLD STANDARD (asset-backed currencies)

● Physical and digital assets

● Independence from existing centralized systems

● All other systems will be obsolete

● Protection against corruption, usury and manipulations

● CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Sovereign digital currency for each country

● Digital assets backed by precious metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.)

● Rainbow Coin – Treasure rainbow banknotes tracked

● Instant digital payments via QFS

● Death in Dollar, Pound and Euro – DS

● Death of BTC, ETH and Tether – DS

● Rise of the Phoenix. XRP, XLM and XDC – WH military blockchains


● 209 countries signed a treaty to redefine the value of their currency

● Even coins. Ex: 1 Dong for 1 Dollar

● Level playing field for everyone

● Unprecedented prosperity fund release for We The People

● Humanitarian projects – wealth transformation – reconstruction

● “Share the Wealth Redistribution Program” to every individual on Earth

● Currencies: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwe ZIM.

● Stellar Network – Bringing banking to the unbanked around the world. Designed to help ALL humanity! Connected to the RV. Military OP.

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Basel III

● A worldwide standard that enhances international banking regulation structure, greatly improving risk management and promoting transparency

● Gold moving from asset tier 3 to tier 1, which allows physical gold in bars form to be accounted for at 100% of the amount for booking purposes

● Due to the 2007-2009 financial meltdown, Basel III was introduced

● International regulatory framework for banks

● Deadline on June 28, 2021

● The requirement that banks maintain a minimum capital value of 7% in reserve

● Require banks to hold unencumbered physical gold valued at 100%

● This will make banks less profitable as they will no longer be able to make money about the interest rate

Basel III

Breton Woods 3

● BW3 = A move from FIAT to a commodity-based monetary system, where currencies needs to be supported

● With BW3 – The US Dollar is no longer being set as the world reserve currency

● According to Credit Suisse BW3 started in March 2022 when sanctions and freezing of its Dollar reserves started to rain down on Russia for invading Ukraine

● The death of the USD FIAT = The death of the Euro

The Bretton Wood Agreement 1 was established in 1944, when the USD was defined as the world’s reserve currency, where you could hold the US dollar and convert it into physical gold at a ratio of 35$ per 1 ounce of

Gold. In 1971, Nixon discontinued the convertibility of dollars into gold and took the monetary system out of the Gold Standard introducing the FIAT system, moving to the BW2.


● An international standard for relaying electronic messages between financial institutions

● Created to provide the financial industry with a common platform to send payment messages and exchange payment data

● Banks and financial institutions around the world are ready to transition their payment systems from SWIFT to New, highly structured and data-rich ISO 20022 standard.

● Better quality and faster payments for everyone in the payment chain

● An open standard used by anyone in the financial services industry and implemented on any network

● Instant payments




Protocol 19 and 20 – The complete merger with Quantum Systems

● Protocol QFS 19

○ = Start of regulation. All assets and tokens need to be backed by precious metals

○ Linked to the new ISO20022 Regulation. Breton Woods 3

○ Liquidity

○ The black swan event. NYSE plunged

○ Khazar money back to us the people = Wealth transfer

● Protocol QFS 20

○ Additional regulation. End price manipulation

○ A complete transformation to QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES and well underway

installed worldwide

○ Medbeds, internet speed of light, quantum computing, quantum voting, quantum cure etc


● Gold-backed currencies and other assets

● A digital certificate – exchange the digital currency for a real piece of gold

● Gold is used as the leveling factor that protects the diversities within each country

● Chinese Elders Gold is support for everyone world currencies

● Covers the transfer of asset-backed funds from the world via GPS


● Quantum Computing

● QFS ends corruption, usury and bank manipulation

● Bank monitoring – Independent and decentralized

● 3 main groups: Swiss Banking Group, Indus (BRICS) and Space force usa

● Photonic technology – operating at 3.5 trillion frames per second. Instant payments!

● Only ISO certified digital currencies!

● CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)

● Gold bonds

QFS – CBDS (central bank digital currency

● Central bank digital payments coins

● E-currency of your specific country transferred via a ledger in the QFS blockchain

● From Bank A to Bank B or from person A for person B

● All countries need to sign an agreement on the establishment of e-currency to be a part


● CBDC transactions will be ignored by military guardians through Starlink acting as commander in chief supervising and making sure that no one using it with bad intentions

● No government involvement

● Power and politics of us the people

QFS – CBDS and SGB (sovereign gold bonds)

● CBDCs through Ripple (XRP)

● SGBs through Stellar (XLM) QFS – HOW IT WILL WORK

GESARA – Global Economic Security and Reform Act

● It was set to be implemented on 10/11, 2001. Stopped by the Khazarian false flag event of 9/11

● Elimination of the national debt of all nations in the world

● No taxes. Only a fixed sales tax of around 15% on new items

● Forgiveness of mortgages and other banking departments due to illegal government activities

● Back to Constitutional Law – Away with Corrupt Maritime Law

● New elected leaders – only 10% of current governments

● World peace for 1,000 years

● Eliminates all current and future nuclear weapons on Planet Earth

● Gold standard!

● Launch of new hidden technologies – 6,000 Tesla patents. free energy

● Build and rebuild in all countries with 1950’s prices

● The power back to We The People. Global prosperity wealth distribution

● Odin Project = World EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)

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