Show Update – Nov 23, 2022


recording just now. Very important introduction …. having to do with Nazi’s, Nazi grandchildren, Global Censorship/Socialism/Fascism, Elon Musk and how it all comes together through the Starlink cloud – and a new application called The “X App” – which will run on the new Tesla Global Phone.

This singular phone/app will replace digital banking, email, internet browsing, video/historical feeds – and even how we interact with our SERVANT GOVERNMENT … and the implications are not altogether good.

And Elon Musk will be competing with an Arch Enemy (Jeff Bezo’s) – and the Globalist Cabal which will deploy Kuiper through Amazon Web Services [AWS]! If you like what AWS did to Parler & Gab, you’ll love what they do to banking and weaponized government. And only one of these fellers will survive.

If I can get the intro done in time, we will launch at 8PM EST. Otherwise, it may slip until Monday Evening.

#636 // IRON SKY


trump said he was happy staying on TRUTH SOCIAL.

gee, I wonder why?

Fear of being taken off the App Stores – and removed from Jeff Bezo’s Amazon Web Services? (look at the SBF Ecosphere map again).

Jeff Bezos – [potentially] multi-trillion dollar competitor in the space business?

Best to have your own private network (Star Link) – that provides cloud access to private phones (Telsa Pi), in your own ecosphere (your own, private app store) – then, freedom of speech can truly reign.

Until then, it is all pie in the sky totalitarian puffery [Apple/Android/Huawei], with the thin veneer of ‘Inclusion’ over the iron fist of authoritarian repression.


under the hood.




Shoe Update

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