Ch-Ch-Changes – Nov. 23, 2022

Grateful to see DS Disney dying out! ❌☠️❌

Disney Plans Big Cuts After its 50th Anniversary Celebration

Disney is very dark wicked energy

The TRUTH of Disney


Credit Suisse $88 billion comm! 💥👀💥

Credit Suisse Estimates $1.6B Loss After $88.3B Withdrawn in Bank Run

Credit Suisse Faces DoJ ‘Tax Evasion’ Probe

Credit Suisse Convicted in Historic Money-Laundering Case


It’s ALL BAD for DS minions — the head of the Industrial Commercial Bank of China hung himself, inside the bank. A guy is on loud speaker outside the bank telling people what happened & to pull their money out. This is one of the biggest banks in China. Do not let criminal institutions hold your valuables! 🚨👀🚨



Beautiful Day Cosmic Light Family, I hope yall are grounded & full of gratitude during this ‘grateful reflective time’ of the year. As many know, I don’t care much for matrix holidays but it’s always a great time to express gratitude. The energies are flowing & spiking.

This VK post resonates a lot with me, as my dreams have been soul intense & vivid. I’ve had many conversations with others about it. I believe the energies are activating fractals & memory debris from all levels & it’s showing as vivid images in dreams — from random content we consume to messages, channeling & visions, childhood memories, to deep past life regressions. It’s all very interesting & exciting — Happy Dreaming! ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



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