The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) ~ Nov. 21, 2022


Editor’s Note: Thanks to Restored Republic for this collated information!

  • Charlie Ward, who was present during President Donald Trump’s speech at Mar-a-Lago, reiterates his current findings:
  • “Before I went on stage, I spoke to General Flynn. We just talked about some of the things I told him. Let’s wait for the activation of the American banknote. It hasn’t happened yesterday yet, or if it did, they didn’t tell me, and because the US is obviously a big problem.
  • “The days are coming to an end. In the next three weeks, eighty-six countries will be under martial law.” He looked at me as if to say: “How do you know that? He said nothing, absolutely nothing.”
  • The QFS was launched into space a year ago and it has been tested for over a year. And now I know that there are four plug-in portals within the system. This has been discontinued because we are in the United States with the first USTN portal. The US Note Portal is connected to QFS.
  • The countries that will be connected to the USA and the portal are Canada, America and all of South America. Everyone will be connected to the USN portal.
  • Locally, each South American country will have its own currency, but the main portal will be the USN. So in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela. Everyone will be on a one-on-one basis with the USN. But they will enter through the USN portal.
  • A European portal will be created with Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. All European nations, including Scandinavia. Let’s all connect to the European portal.
  • One by one and everyone will have their coins locally.
  • In the UK, there will be a sterling token portal that applies to the UK, including England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Perhaps there will be additions that we will have to wait and see.
  • The fourth gateway will be Asia, Africa and Australia. And everyone will connect to this portal. All departments, India, Pakistan, all countries in Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Asia, this part of the world, we are all connected to this portal. However, they will have their own local currency.
  • In each of these departments there will be a bullion trading bank to back up your position. The purpose of this: the assets that were there will not only be refined in the analysis, but will be serialized and nano-engineered so that corrupt governments can’t come in and take it from there.
  • So that in each state, each country knows what each one has and in what position it is. This is why we are currently seeing the Deep State artificially suppress gold and silver.
  • This means that the US dollar and the Euro now have virtually ZERO value. They are artificially supported in the transformations so that there is no chaos in the world. But we will see the transformation in the next three months.
  • The Brick, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa portals were activated two days ago (Last Thursday).

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