Judith Kusel: New Earth Integration ~ Nov. 19, 2022


by Judith Kusel

I was made aware last evening of the immensely powerful energies being released by the full merger of the Old Earth and New Earth’s Crystal Pyramids and Crystalline Energy Fields, as well as the Spines of the Earth and all her sacred energetic sites.

This is amplified by the Cosmic Energies streaming in, and thus all is being lifted into the higher dimensional states of the 7th and 9th, while the 5th dimenional New Earth is in escalated ascension back into the 7th.

What this means is that we already are fully in the New Earth, as the Old Earth disintegrate and what does not disintegrate is being incorporated into the New Earth, through a merger, and thus transmuted into the much higher dimensional energetic state.

We will start feeling this on all levels now, as our new crystalline bodies are going through the very same and thus we will often feel as if we are in the middle of an intense spinning cycle.

What is spun out, is the old. Literally.

Like a washing machine spins out the dirt.

At the very same time as the spinning motion escalates, we are going through an escalated transmutation and transfiguration stage.

The only way to navigate this, is with the increased usage of the White Flame and the Violet Flames in expanded forms, also incorporating the Golden Rainbow Fires.

I was told three weeks ago, to integrate and fully activate the higher 5th dimensional chakras and that all these chakras now are incorporated WITHIN the spine, and not outside it any longer, as our spines are being stretched, as our physical body will be much taller than before and our skulls more elongated again.

The only way to navigate is through the heart center, through the merging of the lower body with the higher body, and then going deeper within.

ATONENESS literally means embracing DIVINITY within, and as you embrace this, there is only ONE.

You are all and everything and everyone.

The Alpha and Omega.


Who is ready to hear will hear.

Who is ready to know will know.

Who can see, will see.

Who can hear, will hear.


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