First Images Reveal Snowmageddon’s Aftermath Across Buffalo ~ Nov. 19, 2022


People across Buffalo, New York, and the surrounding metro areas are waking up Saturday morning to snowmageddon that dumped between 5-6 feet of snow over the last few days. 

The latest from the Weather Prediction Center warned extreme snowfall “will produce near zero visibility, very difficult to impossible travel, damage to infrastructure, and may paralyze the hardest-hit communities.” 

An insane amount of snow was dumped on Highmark Stadium, where the Buffalo Bills play, situated in Orchard Park, New York, in the Southtowns of the Buffalo metro area. The newest reports recorded 77 inches or about 6.5 feet. 

“Can you imagine 60-70 inches of snow in 24 hours!? That 66″ in Orchard Park (where the Buffalo Bills play) could be verified as a 24-hour record for New York State. (The U.S. record is 75.6 inches in Silver Lake, Colorado on April 15, 1921.),” meteorologist Matthew Cappucci tweeted. 

Here’s what people in Western New York state woke up to this morning:
My mom in Orchard Park, NY has gotten just a little bit of snow this weekend
— Wendy E Wallace (@WendyEWallace1) November 19, 2022
My car is under there…somewhere
— Marlee Tuskes (@MarleeTuskesTV) November 19, 2022
the continuing saga of the snow mushroom… #buffalosnow #LakeEffectSnow #buffalo #LetsGoBuffalo (8 foot fence in the background) ❄️❄️❄️
— MaryAnn (@n1temare74) November 19, 2022
What 6’ of snow looks like#BuffaloNY #buffalosnow #buffalolakeeffect #Buffalo #LakeEffectSnow #BuffaloStorm2022
— BuffaloWeather (@weather_buffalo) November 19, 2022
Something was venturing out in the snow this morning.
More lake effect coming late tonight…

“These are the ghosts who haunt us
As we live & as we breathe
These are the ghosts of the wood
& to us forever they cleave”
From “Ghosts” by CMP [me]#BuffaloStorm2022
— ♪ark roa♪/Viccin© together since 1999 🦊BluesBirds (@Viccin) November 19, 2022
Boston Mass had the “big dig” but we got one going on in East Aurora, NY too. It’s absolutely gorgeous & since we got no place to go….❄️❄️❄️ #BuffaloStorm2022 #LakeEffectSnow #SnowBelt
— Trish Lewis (@poodlewalker10) November 19, 2022
Gotta admit when I heard the @BuffaloBills were moving their game to #Detroit I thought they were wimping out.

Nope.#BuffaloStorm2022 #Buffalo#Bills #NFL
— Norman Hermant (@NormanHermant) November 19, 2022
Almost 9 cans of beer deep in south Buffalo NY!! Hahaha
— Roy Gregory (@BbqhonchoRoy) November 19, 2022
At least six million people are still under winter weather alerts across six Great Lakes states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York — this morning.

Ahead of what we believed was going to be a historic storm, we wrote “”Paralyzing Snowfall” Could “Cripple” Buffalo With Feet Of Snow” and “New York Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Snowmageddon,” suggesting to readers in the region to get supplies and hunker down. 

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