Friday Night News… – Nov. 18. 2022


I’ve been watching this weekend weather come together all week. 

We have some very interesting energies at play today through Monday. 

The first is the lineup of CME’S or Coronal Mass Ejections.

We have been experiencing bursts of plasma off the sun.

Some came via solar flares. Others just lifted off the sun.

Starting today, the parade of those CME’S begins. Bringing together those smaller CME’s into packs of them swarming in. 

We also have our ascension energie,  and they’re already being felt as I post. 

Then we have the Leonid meteors shower peaking today . Where when we can expect to see 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

We also have asteroids moving by the planet. 

There are SO MANY interesting solar weather events happening at once. 

It’s creating a high-energy three day corridor of Anything Is Possible Energies!!

As we go through the next 72 hours, listen to your inner guidance. 

These are going to be the biggest energies yet. 

Being mindful of yourself is so important. 


Flow with the energies, releasing them through your system.

Release your jaw, a forehead muscles, and imagine the energies entering through your crown, down your pillar, and out the soles of your feet. 

Anything is possible in these energies.

The next step in our Grand Solar Flash is hearing the Clarion call. 

This will sound like trumpets, bells or singing. 

This is the Call of the Lightworkers to let them know the Time of the Light is here. 

It’s going to be a magical weekend Divine Ones,

Much love and light,

-SA Smith














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Then there is CGI to consider… 😊🌹


Donald Trump, Linda McMahon, and Kari Lake this week at Mar-a-Lago.

If you know, you know.




2 thoughts on “Friday Night News… – Nov. 18. 2022

  1. I never waited for this source message!
    I’ve always been happy!
    I’ve always been at peace!
    I’ve always been successful!
    I’ve always lived my dreams!
    I never gave up!
    I never quit!
    I always had God’s anointing and His purpose!

    God has blessed me always and forever!


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