What Everyone is Experiencing NOW – Nov. 18, 2022


Maxine Waters just blew


a kiss. Safe to say that went well.😘

Maxine needs a heart adjustment! 😊🌹


It is quite clear at this point that FTX was a Moloch sacrifice for the Dems and RINOs, that they pompously touted that they “own” many “assets” (own and assets are used in both wealth but also in slavery, historical or modern day slavery of prostitution of your mind to evil foes).

Will this blockchain they created to do so much evil be its own undoing and prove to the world exactly who is committing what crimes? That would be God’s revenge if He chooses that fate for this evil. For He is the Lord! Puppets are being used, and decoys have been cast out for all eyes to see and witness, while the real enemy, the real Wizard of Oz cowers in his darkness, behind his shaggy curtain, all you see taking place is being done to cover their evil tracks of various kind. Seems those tracks always find their way back to the DC swamp. The same 6,000 year old tactics, just a different parcel of land.

Awesome dig Genevieve!

We need Patriots of all kinds either doing digs, and/or reporting on digs of all kinds! I do both, because God has commanded me to fight for whatever Truth can be found on this wretched place called Earth!

We have a voice, therefore we shall use it.

For although we live on the Earth, we are not of this Earth. We are God’s children! Get digging! 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️







Most won’t understand what this means on a consciousness level


Something VERY significant is going on with Venus right now, and we’re ALL feeling it. The last few weeks especially we’ve been going through such a deep personal journey, when Venus was in Scorpio. BUT..she is was & is also, “Out Of Sight” astronomically…

This dazzling star has her own set of dance moves.. glistening as a morning star & dazzling as an evening star.

Sometimes on the journey between, she becomes invisible from Earth. In October, Venus transitioned into an Evening Star & simultaneously became completely Out Of Sight for a while. As she disappears from our view, symbolically she enters The Underworld.

When Venus is out of sight – it can bring challenges to Venusian themes. Basically – Obstacles and challenges with lovers & the graces and pleasures of life.

When Venus swims in the underworld it’s a really private and personal journey for all of us. It’s super internal. A journey of working through matters of love and the heart, matters of self worth/self love & our value. We dive IN to see what we have outgrown, where we have grown and where we still need to grow.

This journey can be uncomfortable and confronting as Venus has been introverted and introspective.

Therefore it makes external things challenging, as Venus has been kinda busy trying to figure out things about herself.

The expression by socrates “know thyself” comes to mind here. A never ending quest to understand ourselves better & we learn this through experience. It’s been a private & challenging time, where we’ve travelled inwardly to the matters that we need to clear out, for our own “knowing of thyself.” The last few weeks ESPECIALLY have been challenging as not only has Venus been invisible, but she’s ALSO been in Scorpio..The DEPTHS of the underworld . But here comes the light . Venus has JUST gone into Sagittarius.

A complete contrast from scorpio. We’re rising from the snake pit towards the infinite blue sky ,The underworld journey is difficult but necessary & now we emerge with a much clearer vision of what we’re ready to shoot our arrow towards. The horizon already appears brighter & in one week from today Venus dazzles us with her visibility again. ~sheseesthestars

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