QAnon Is Not Very Happy With Trump’s 2024 Announcement – Nov. 16, 2022


Editor’s Note: yet another article presenting Ideas regarding President Trump’s speech on Nov. 15, 2022. This article does mention several schools of thought regarding this speech’s intent, yet does not mention key phrases for those with “the ears to hear”.

Please see this article commenting on those phrases here, understand how this speech works to ferret out blockages to the White Hat “The Plan”, rejoice as the dark remove themselves, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


“Does he seriously think there will be anyone left to vote in two years, or better yet, that our country will even be viable?!” a QAnon-er posted on Telegram.

Donald Trump, the twice-impeached former president who tried to overturn the 2020 elections and inspired the violent attack on the Capitol after he lost, tried his best to woo the QAnon crowd during his 2024 campaign announcement speech on Tuesday night.

Not only did he invite QAnon influencers to attend the event at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, Trump repeated several QAnon dog whistles during the 70-minute long speech, including multiple references to the storm, a well-known trope within the conspiracy movement. But while influential adherents to the movement were thrilled, most QAnon-ers posting on Telegram last night, in fact, reacted angrily to Trump’s announcement. This could be a worrying sign for Trump’s 2024 campaign, coupled with the growing resentment against the former president inside the Republican party after major GOP midterm election losses.

“Patriots aren’t in control of anything, the cabal is,” another wrote.

Others were even less conciliatory: “I’m fucking done with this political shit show and WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN! FUCK POLITICS AND THE NAZI REGIME,” one Telegram user wrote.

Some influencers tried to quell the concern. But after QAnon John suggested in a post  that Trump’s abandoning of the 2020 election denier claims was all part of the plan, one Telegram user responded,  “Trump pissed off a LOT of people tonight. Never thought my loyalty would be challenged by the Dems, but Instead from Trump himself. We will NOT wait until 2024. Trump conceded tonight. It’s over. Trump being “one of them” seems much more plausible now.”

When one major QAnon group posted a message suggesting that Trump had prevented election fraud in 2016 when he was first voted into office and would do so again in 2024, a follower of the group angrily replied: “If they could’ve stopped the fraud, why didn’t he in 2020 or 2022? Stop it.”

But of course, as always with QAnon, some members of the movement still tried to find hope in the former president’s announcement. 

One conspiracy that took hold in the hours after Trump’s speech was claimed he never mentioned 2024—though that isn’t true. 

“Everyone go rewatch his speech. Nowhere did he say 2024. Remember it’s a movie we are watching,” one QAnon believer wrote. Another user who supported this baseless claim cited a conspiracy made popular by sovereign citizens, who believe that they are not subject to the laws of the United States because it’s a corporation rather than a republic.

“Patriots, sleep easy tonight,” the user wrote on Telegram. “Trump is looking for our vote in 2023, not 2024.  He never said 2024. A 2024 election belongs to the Corporation. It’s dead.”

Trump’s efforts to remain in the White House in 2020 have triggered multiple legal investigations. Earlier this year, the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home in order to recover boxes of classified documents the former president allegedly illegally took with him when he left office.

4 thoughts on “QAnon Is Not Very Happy With Trump’s 2024 Announcement – Nov. 16, 2022

  1. Just wow – obviously members of these groups aren’t Patriots! Their negativity speaks volumes about their loyalty, which is apparently disposable. One doesn’t quit before the end of the game (movie) if they stand by their convictions.


  2. It was quite underwhelming but again, Kim Goguen did say that was all he would announce the day before.
    I only watched to see if all the speculations were gonna come true, he’d announce the arrests, etc, he’s still president, roll the credits end the movie and just tell the truth, that’s all we want.
    Then the spin, as many trumpets try to wuell the anger and frustration, then saying you’re fake maga if you aren’t excited, and think this is an important historical announcement.of all time.
    I tell ya, the Trumpets, anons, truthers and q folks are much like the sleepers, some kind ridiculous hype over an announcement that turned into just another rally speech that he’s been doing all this time.
    Sorry guys, but this is just like all the , hold the line, we got it all, we are in the sto….wait were not in the storm, we gotta wait for the queen to announce she dead, oh, now it’s gotta be a market crash and more starvation, and a lockdown mandating the jab, and a ,wwIii scare event….don’t worry though, it’s just a movie, it’s for the sleepers, it’s not real, everyone’s wearing masks, we got it all, we just have to catch them cheating, even though we have the servers, but we gotta vote in midterms, cuz that’s the most important election ever, and they will steal it and get arrested, oh, the charade goes on, the spin goes on, they gotta put out false info cuz the cabal is listening, so some Intel isn’t gonna be true, but it’s gonna be biblical, it’s gonna be the military taking over so hold the line, just prepare…..I don’t know when I’m gonna learn to ignore all of it and try to hunker down somewhere and ride it out. If there is a God with a plan, can he just put a fork in it? We’re done.


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