Here’s Where the Arizona Race For Governor Stands ~ Nov. 15, 2022


The gubernatorial race in Arizona between Republican Kari Lake and Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is still too close to call as election officials continue to count votes in the Grand Canyon State. Currently, Lake is behind.

DDHQ Race Update (est. 94% in): AZ Governor

Katie Hobbs (D): 1,167,484
Kari Lake (R): 1,132,562

Lake gained 1,264 votes from the latest drop in Pinal County (An R+39 margin from a previously R+16 county).

Follow more results here:— Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) November 14, 2022

On Sunday, a number of remaining ballot drops were reported and Lake came up short of the percentage she needs to pull ahead. Here’s what’s left: 

The batch came in Kari Lake 54.6% – Katie Hobbs 45.4%. Kari missed her target mark by a few points, and will need to win 58% of all outstanding ballots.— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 14, 2022

Looking more granularly, 71% of remaining ballots are in Republican leaning Legislative Districts.— Landon Wall (@LandonWall_) November 13, 2022

Meanwhile, the Arizona Republican Party is officially accusing Maricopa County of voter suppression after 25 percent of ballot tabulation machines were not working for hours on Election Day. 

“Voter suppression reared its ugly head in Arizona at the hands of Maricopa County. Some wonder if it is just incompetence, while others question malfeasance. This cannot simply be accepted. It must be corrected before this election is certified. Exit polling shows that Republican voters were disproportionately disenfranchised by Maricopa County’s incompetence,” Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward released in a statement. “We have no idea how many voters were unable to cast a vote at all, and we’ve been told that approximately 15% of Election Day ballots are going to digital adjudication – a process by which 2 strangers determine a voter’s intent. And those 2 strangers likely share a username and password with countless other people adjudicating ballots, meaning no individual can be held accountable for bad acts.” 


Kari Lake Responds After Hobbs Projected Winner of Arizona Gubernatorial Race Leah Barkoukis

“The Republican Party of Arizona holds Stephen Richer, Bill Gates, the Maricopa Election Department, and the other Supervisors absolutely responsible for making Arizona the laughingstock of America when it comes to fairly, efficiently, and transparently running our elections,” Ward continued.  


Once again AZ elections are the laughingstock of America.

Voter suppression reared its ugly head in Arizona at the hands of Maricopa County.

Our data proves so ft. @Peoples_Pundit & @kelliwardaz— Republican Party of Arizona (@AZGOP) November 13, 2022

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