Very cosmic news – Nov. 10, 2022

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters, I am so delighted to announce that so many of you have heard the call to show up on your grid points tomorrow for the 11:11 sacred transmission.

Time is speeding up. As our binary sun gets closer and closer to its twin star, Sirius, we are collectively experiencing the coming out of the age of darkness and into the morning of the Golden Age.

In this great momentum, time speeds up and that is exactly where we are at. This means that as we evolve through these numerological and astrological portal days, the energies exponentially intensify. So therefore, I can say with great confidence that the work that we are being called to do tomorrow will be the most powerful and potent gathering that any of us have ever had in the Transmission Core Group.

The 11:11 portal is deeply connected to the activation and empowerment of the I Am presence, and the I Am Presence is symbolized in the singular one as represented in the number 11.

The two ones represent the union of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and the 11 and 11 is symbolic of the unification of the twin souls.

It is very important that everyone understands that the numerological energies of the 11:11 are deeply supporting many twins to completely wake up to the truth of the divine contract that they have made with their twin flame.

This is because the 11:11 is also a DNA codon trigger, which informs the DNA that we are coming out of our spiritual slumber and anchoring on the path of spiritual ascension.

There are so many mysteries and spiritual mystique that is infused with the 11:11 portal, and I promise to share with you all as much as possible in the 11:11 transmission.

I hope to share with you information that will assist you to profoundly decode the DNA code on trigger. That is the 11:11.

A very, very important job has been given to us, the ground crew, and that is to return the crystal cap of the pyramid of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This cap was removed in the Dark Ages because humanity was not at a position to be able to understand the significance and symbology of the cap of the pyramid.

The capstone of the pyramid represents the point of singularity, which in other words is God, Atum, that which cannot be divided. And the lower base of the pyramid represents duality consciousness.

Without the capstone on the pyramid, we are trapped in samsara, the ever perpetual reincarnation cycle. But with the etheric return of the crystal capstone, we will liberate a vast number of souls, and they will receive the necessary spiritual support that they need to ascend in this lifetime, and therefore achieve and align with the point of singularity within their own consciousness.

This is connected to the reincarnation portals that are the sun and the moon. All those that ascend successfully in this lifetime exit through the sun portal. And all those that do not ascend and choose the lower hell realm path of separation, escapism, alcoholism, and sexual addiction will very much end up leaving this realm through the moon portal to be reincarnated back into the reincarnation will as per the choice of their own soul consciousnessput the choice of their own so put the ulchoice of their own social consciousness s to re-correct all lower frequency choices……….

I will share with you all in great depth, so many profound mysteries about the 11:11 and the nature of reality.

I look forward to welcoming you, the ground crew on your grid points, for this powerful and potent ceremony. In love and eternal life,

Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

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