Derek Johnson: Will the Military Make a Public Move? – Nov. 10, 2022

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This country can’t go any further down this dark black hole if the military doesn’t intervene soon..Derek tends to believe this is all just a high level military operation and the public is being jolted to wake up. Derek is a veteran and self proclaimed expert at military codes,regulations and comms. He brings his knowledge to to assure my audience that the military is in control and states here in this video that military tribunals should happen by mid 2023. Is he right? Time will tell… PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY.

MANY of you ‘giving up’ because YOU selfish, complacent, lazy, (all about you and your wants and results) didn’t “SEE” something happen in the Midterms. MANY of you prove why less than 1% serve in ALL Armed Force branches.

You must understand the District of Columbia has its own constitution, seal, motto, flag, etc. After the Organic Act of 1871, the United States became a Federal Corporation via 28 US Code 3002 and Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick… which defines the District its own “Foreign Territory” not a city not a state. It’s almost like the saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, the District of Columbia’s laws, orders, regulations, constitution applies to the foreign territory only by definition, but the cabal has disguised that government to many Americans to believe it applies to the whole country. It defies our Foundation, our Military Establishments in 1775, the Declaration of Independence 1776, and the Constitution of 1787. Marbury versus Madison 1803 made OUR Foundational Law very loud and clear.

District of Columbia Government:

President Trump and the World Alliance of Generals are reversing the Federal Corporation. They are taking every single law, order, and regulation the evil establishment aka the swamp created and passed for their narratives and agendas, and using it against them… making all of the evil players expose themselves to you the people.

President Trump being crowned King in Saudi Arabia, walking into North Korea, stepping in front of the Queen, standing in front of ALL world leaders at the G7 Summit, and declaring Jerusalem Capital of Israel, were just a FEW of the OPTICS to show you the people, there’s CHANGE coming to the WORLD. It’s a WORLD OPERATION. There’s PLENTY of Optics and “evidence” for you. You must be able to discern propaganda and agenda resumes from actual government.

Bet you also did not know that Obama reversed the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 in 2012 which allowed Media to USE Propaganda as “News.”

Dot GOV:

And you wonder why the U.S. looks as lazy, pathetic, complacent, spoiled, and ridiculous as we do now. To have a United States Veteran simply taking, breaking down, interpreting, and placing together in a blueprint ACTUAL Laws, Orders, Regulations from the Military and Federal Sectors that BENEFIT your life and well-being, being SLANDERED, MOCKED, RIDICULED, and DEFAMED over ACTUAL Laws and Orders you can tangibly look up, but more specifically the Military Sector.

The SAME Title 10 every United States Soldier has ever sworn in under is the SAME Title 10 President Trump Federalized the National Guard to Active Status… the SAME Constitution the evil cabal MISQUOTES, BUTCHERS, and TWISTS to fit their narratives and agendas, is the SAME Constitution patriots and Veterans like me fought and fight to protect and use the correct way which ONLY benefits EVERYONE not agendas and narratives.

The Corporation is dead. But in order to reverse a 150 year old corrupt machine and invisible regime, it does NOT decimate at your pace nor does it do so without MULTIPLE people in steady and controlled operations without one heartbeat.

It’s a LOT of Information via Laws, Orders, Regulations, and Codes from Military and Federal Sectors, and only a FEW of us can piece it together as it forms a Blueprint of how the nation is in a Military Occupancy outlined in the Law of War Manual plus Laws and Orders from both sectors.

It’s an OPERATION. The OPERATION did NOT start this year and it did NOT end the 8th. We did NOT need the 8th for Voter  Fraud.

This Operation started in 2016. There’s a Strategic Blueprint to the operation.

The FINISH LINE is NOT and was NOT these 2022 Midterms.

Newsflash: Once again, we did NOT NEED 2022 Midterm to prove Voter Fraud.

ALL communications are now under ONE command of the Space Force, in which once again, “Biden’s” NEVER uttered the words, NOT ONE TIME.

ALSO, simultaneously, and parallel to Military and Federal Laws, the Blueprint is also backed by the Law of War Manual which is being run by a Military Occupancy to the tee.

The November 5 (11.5) Article via Fox News SHOWING you the National Guard Cybersecurity Teams being activated in 14 states allowed you to VISIBLY see and know the National Guard are operating. When they do NOT operate at YOUR pace and based on what YOU think should be seen does NOT mean there’s nothing happening. Strategic Operations DO NOT work like that which once again proves why 99% of America do NOT serve and 97% have NEVER served.

The 11.5 article parallels the 11.5 Law of War Manual. For the 18th BILLIONTH time… read it. Chapter 11.5 titled: “Duty of the Occupying Power to Ensure Public Order and Safety.” pg. 773

There’s MANY more OPTICS and information in my documents to prove what’s going on if you’ll simply read, re-read, study, repeat.

In September, the Ohio National Guard deployed troops overseas.The Article specifically says: “Military Officials say…”

If Biden was President, he would have ALL the SAME powers as EVERY other President…

How come the Military does NOT recognize him?

How come the “Commander-in-Chief Biden” isn’t mentioned in ANY articles deploying the National Guard anywhere?

Why are the National Guard out of their states and the country every single day? They have to have ORDERS. ANY “Veteran” who says otherwise is a FOOL. The ORDERS have not been rescinded because the Operation is ongoing because the ADDRESSING to the Nation of National Emergencies have not happened because they have NOT been TERMINATED.

Last I checked, the Commander-in-Chief is the Top Rank in all of the Military.

How come the Secretary of Defense approved the mission for the Baby Formula shortage in May and not “President Biden?”… You know, the
“President” who would have the SAME powers as every other President…

Remember…the Optics of the Secretary of Defense above.

You don’t have to like the Covert Operation or Military Occupancy…but it’s ALL in Laws and Orders and visual Operations, I cannot make
you read or understand. With or without me, this World Joint Covert Operation is still happening.

So before you pipe off in the comment box… make sure you understand the SAME Military Laws, Regulations, Constitution, US Codes I put in a Blueprint to outline this Operation in MULTIPLE videos and posts…

Are the SAME Military Laws, Regulations, Constitution, US Codes every Memorial Grave you see above… fought and paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for.

We did NOT need the 2022 Midterm to prove anything nor was it the “finish line.” The signing of Executive Order 13848 in September 2018 TWO years before Covid and the 2020 Presidential Election wrapped around MULTIPLE Laws, Orders, Regulations, Optics, Operations from 2017 to 2021 from both Military and Federal Sectors holds ALL of the evidence and optics to show all that was needed was 2016, 2018, and all of the evidence of fraud before 2016.

“We have it all.”
“We’ve caught them all.”
“All crimes and evidence of will be displayed to the public in full accordance to the law.”

Until then, it’s an ongoing Operation. Until those National Emergencies are TERMINATED by the President who declared them and until the National Guard are back in their State Militia status as outlined in 10 US Code Chapter 1211 Section 12401, 12402, 12403, 12404, 12405, 12406. #READDDDDDDD

Tired of reading the same Laws, Codes, Regulations, and posts? GREATTTTTT… because it’s NOT that complicated. The GREAT thing about it is… if you’ll simply seek to read and understand what’s in place… it’s a Blueprint and the Laws, Orders, Regulations in place do NOT change!

Military Law > Federal Law > Opinions > Slanders.

“It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

Fallow  Derek Johnson

~ ~ ~

Note to Readers:

Mr. Johnson is a man who doesn’t mince his words. He has researched military law. He is a veteran. He is not a spoiled lazy guy who props himself on the couch and watches football while his country falls into rack and ruin.

I hope none of you are slandering his efforts.

The military plan has been functioning for a long time. It will take as long as it takes. We just need to let the guys and gals get on with their mission… to save our butts.

Specific dates given for operations are click-bait. Do not pay attention to them. REAL military tactical teams do not telegraph their plans to the enemy. Period. Even I know that…


2 thoughts on “Derek Johnson: Will the Military Make a Public Move? – Nov. 10, 2022

  1. I like SG Anon better!
    He’s well spoken and well educated, also a veteran and a good father and husband.

    He has more experience and he’s a man of God!


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