XI Jinping has ordered China to prepare for war as he warned his nation’s security situation is “increasingly unstable.”

In a chilling escalation, the Chinese President declared that Beijing will “comprehensively strengthen its military training and preparation for war.”

According to state broadcaster CCTV, Xi said the move was sparked by China’s “increasingly unstable and uncertain” security.

It comes amid fears China – which has the second-largest economy and military in the world – is preparing to invade the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Tensions between the two nations have hit boiling point in recent months, with Beijing continuing to flex its military muscles by launching jets into Taiwan’s airspace and firing missiles in haunting drills.

Xi has vowed to “unify” Taiwan – and experts believe he is “all but guaranteed” to attack the nation after having recently become leader for life.

Taiwan is feared to be a major flashpoint between the Washington and Beijing – with a potential invasion forcing the US to either abandon the island or face full scale war with China.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has vowed to take back the nation – by force if necessary – while Joe Biden recently promised the US will defend the island.

Taiwan is effectively an independent country, though not recognized by the internationally, but any moves towards full independence will almost certainly lead to war.

China’s Communist Party made its plans clear last month when it added a line to its constitution on “resolutely opposing and deterring” Taiwan’s independence and bringing in a policy of “one country, two systems.”

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