Tsunami Approaching… Nov. 7, 2022

The old satanic controllers are dying & their financial system is collapsing. Africa will be one of the most abundant places on Earth. Human consciousness will continue to rise. New manifestations of Earth will be beyond imagination. 300 million tons of Gold is found in a deep deposit in Uganda which just made them one of the richest countries in the world. There is NO Scarcity or LACK of anything on this planet — only a lack mentality.

Uganda says exploration results show it has 31 mln tonnes of gold ore


In a post from 2 days ago, I wrote ‘more Gold & other precious metals will be found.’ 👇🏽

New Earth is opening up more & more




Are you feeling these yet

Waves of very high level energies have been rolling in for the last hour. 

Although these are high vibrational energies they have a density to them

These energies are BIG and HEAVY within the body and are bringing BIG Ascension Symptoms along with them. 

From gravity feeling differently in the body, to feeling old pains throughout the body. 

These energies are causing everything within your system to be released that isn’t needed. 

You are being slimlined to go through the eye of the needle in these energies.

Sounds rough and it is, but it’s also clearing everything out that isn’t for your greater and higher good. 

Some of the Ascension Symptoms you may experience: 

Leg & Knee pain,

Nerve pain 

Memory issues,

Ear tuning,

Pressure on the body,

Face sinus pressure,

Ears ringing,

Jaw pain,

Itchy all over,

Bowel issues,

Full body clearing,

Aversion to Food,



Overwhelming love,

Joint pain,

Hand pain,

Head pressure,

New understandings,


Blurry Vision,


Floating between two worlds,

And so many more. 

Hydrate, Ground, Rest and BE 

These energies will be growing as the evening goes on through overnight. 

Hold your light high as you can as we walk through these amazing times of change. 

You are so amazing and all of this is happening for you, because of you. 

Much love and light, 

-SA Smith



Infusion of Light (news) interrupting?

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak has just been rushed out of the room by his aides during the middle of the launch for forests partnership at COP27.

About 2 mins before he left an aide came onto stage and was whispering in his ear for more than a minute…there was a discussion going on about, it seems, whether to leave at that moment.

But Sunak stayed but another aide made decision to go back to him and urge him to leave 👀


The Call to duty

As Lightworkers and so many of us, who are the Indigo’s and Crystal Children, who were the forerunners, the road pavers, are now asked to continue putting our heads down to see this work into completion, as the ascension process has now reached its half-way mark, leading up to 2032.

Yes, we do get weary and weak. We all do need our alone time, our rest time, and our time to go deep within, to ask for crystal clear guidance, to seek answers within, and to live our highest truth. It is part of the Calling, the Purpose, why we incarnated as volunteers to pave the way for the Rainbow Children, born since 1994, and the Sun and Diamond and Platinum Sun Children who incarnated since 2012.

We are now asked to take on the role of Elders, the ones who are leading the Rainbow Tribes and to step up in our leadership roles. More than this, to bring our innate wisdom, insights and knowing we have gained, not only during this incarnation, but others, and rise to occasion now.

This year has been challenging in so many ways, as the old disintegrates and the new is forming in all aspects of life, and with it, the immensely powerful energy upgrades, which are relentlessly continuing. Yet, we are carried on the wings of the Power of Love, which is all abiding, never ending, and indeed omnipresent.

I am finding that a lot of my old ways, my old life, is simply no more. Even the last few years, and whatever I manifested, is now in a great flux as the new is setting in.

As I am writing it, the message is loud and clear: This is a totally new beginning, not only for myself, but all the rest of you and the whole of humankind, whether they choose to stay in the Old Earth, or ascend into the New.

What was is no more.

So often, as the old structures disintegrate it will seem as if chaos reigns. Yet, in the midst of chaos is a hidden order, new structures forming to replace the new. This will manifest itself in all forms of life and expressions thereof.

Those who still sow the seeds of duality, will find that they cannot hold onto the divisions any longer, for all is now striving towards unity, and oneness, even within the self. The Ego is challenged now to finally let go, and allowing the Higher Soul Self and the ONE to take over, and thus to live and see life from a Universal perspective and let go of all smallness, or all which divides, of all which still judges and separates, within and without!

It is a total transfiguration and transformation.

Thus, let us now heed this call to step up in highest loving service and to take on the Role of Elders of Excellence, those who were born from 1950’s as the Indigo Children and those born from 1974 until 1994, who are the Crystal Children.

We are the ones the World was waiting for, after the destruction and chaos of the Two World Wars. We vowed to bring the unity and transcendence and the higher ways back to humanity and to lead the ascension process.

Heed the Call!

The ME now needs to make way totally for the WE!

As we lead as Elders of Excellence, we can continue to pave the way, as we vowed before we incarnated.

The moment is now!

Most importantly, with unconditional Love, with Loving Grace.

We are the Visionaries, the Wayshowers, the Wisdom Keepers, who now are asked to step fully into the ultimate Roles we agreed to step into, as Elders of Excellence!

Judith Kusel



9/9 Portal Message from Prime Source

“Calling in the end of fear, pain and suffering and the beginning of the new story of LOVE everywhere present!

NOW all of existence must serve all life for the greatest good for all, for the highest good for all!

Calling all atoms of energy into right action and pure consciousness. All atoms who deny this message, great spirit, holy spirit, will be recycled into right action -period.

The ignorant – your moments are over only BLISS may survive this time, Being Love In Simple Service -Ding

Love forever reigns on Earth, as it is in Heaven,

The atoms are shaking and I can feel this.

It’s the moments to come home into the light – listen up

Message from Mother of all Cretion, Great spirit, the holy Ghost, incarnated in physicality TO KICK FUCKING EGOS ASS OFF THE PLANET (all evil, all lower frequency!) Ding

As Love is in charge on planet Earth=Heart and the new story begins today 9 9 9

End of the old, beginning of the new, coming in waves, Love has won

The beginning IS HERE

LOVE shining through,

the shift of the ages is here

Heart based

Whole truth based

Joy based

Pure Love based

Right Action based

Miracles and magical syncronisitic events based

Peace, Wholeness of being,

Present MOMent or now.

Children this is ALL which exists NOW

Welcome home into the present moment of now

Heaven on Earth = Heart

Follow the signs and all will be well

Again, the ignorant and self-important bitches and assholes -your time is up and great spirit got your number 😉

Choose Love NOW – Ding

This is a Done Deal

In transmission of All Love Is,

Love, Mother & Father of all creation”

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