November 7, 2022: Revolution in the Air; Can You Taste It?


Tomorrow is election day in the United States. I know because my PC told me so on startup. It said, “Tomorrow all day”. It didn’t say anything about it lasting all month. Maybe we’ll have some accurate results tomorrow night in some locales, but I doubt if we will have it finalized—if we have an election at all.

I recommend anxious people take a lavender sachet to lunch and stick one under your pillow tonight and relax. It will all unfold as it needs to and the end game will be fantastic. We’re just about to begin the next phase of “the war”.

It just might be a very auspicious day if the following is true: Link to Telegram.

[Forwarded from WhipLash347]
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Total Lunar Eclipse starts at 17:17

I’m also curious as to what 11:11 will bring.

Perhaps this is an indicator: I literally picked it up when it had only been posted for 17 seconds…

DEFCON Warning System – Update 11/7/22 – #RussiaUkraineWar #NorthKorea #China

— DEFCONWarningSystem (@DEFCONWSALERTS) November 7, 2022

Did you see the conclusion of Trump’s Miami rally? It is teaming rain. Do you see Secret Service rush out with oversized umbrellas to shield him from the deluge? No. This is a warrior. What’s a little rain to a man who has laid his life out there and taken the attacks he has and continues to fend off, as well as the slings and arrows intended for us? Perhaps more important than that… the crowd is still there. It doesn’t look like anyone left their seat. We’re in it together.

— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) November 7, 2022

What’s going on?

Kash Patel was supposed to be in Arizona campaigning for Kari Lake tonight, but he got “redirected” to Ohio by the Trump team.

It appears something is happening tonight…


SGAnon’s teaser from Truth Social. I can taste it.

File 24 out tomorrow sometime.

Intel topic: Kamala

You’ll be happy to know your least-favorite Vice President won’t be joining you publicly again anytime soon.

SGAnon has repeated that the Telegram channel attributed to SGAnon is not published by himself, and it seems not 100% of it is exact and unaltered, so be aware of that. I wouldn’t put it past the enemy to use every opportunity to skew information and perhaps cast a shadow and possibly discredit a powerful, trusted source of intel.

When I listen to SG Anon speak, it sounds exceptionally close to the voice that spoke about the phenomenon of Cicada 3301 prior to the emergence of Q’s first posts on 8Chan, including tonal quality and enunciation. Unfortunately, the video posted by American Intelligence Media on YouTube that included that clip is gone because their account is gone and I didn’t save “Q Leak Unplugged”.

Not that it matters. Just a bit of trivia because I feel like there is a connection between the Cicada group and Q. It seemed like the Cicada 3301 mysterious clues and the contest to find smart decoders was a way to see if and how Humans might engage with the similar format the Q Team was going to launch.

They also accurately predicted some events like the horrific fires in California and the material in ‘Q Leak Plugged’ referred to many things we have misconceptions about and told us we were lambs to the slaughter and the fox was guarding the hen house. I find it interesting that Q posted “This is not a game”, because the Cicada group operation WAS a game; a contest, but that is all my personal conspiracy theory.

I find it interesting that in the end, a coverup and a lot of confusion surrounded the whole Cicada group so we didn’t really know who was involved and it rode off into the sunset and I didn’t hear any more about Cicada 3301 after that. The  Q/Anon  Phenomenon was much bigger.

I am seeing a much wider awake world and that was evident yesterday at a social gathering with both people I knew and didn’t know. We had an intelligent conversation about Covid and vaccines that would never have taken place two years ago. People get it. They know something is terribly wrong with the vaccine situation, but they still maintain they had Covid. One man we know said he had three different strains; the early one, a different one, and finally the “Colorado version” he called it which he said was the worst. He also said the vaccine is not a vaccine.

Everything points to this being a much different election than prior ones. It’s going to be very interesting. We are expecting false flag events, and in the video linked below, SGAnon states that, for either November 7th [today] or early the morning of the 8th, Election Day. Stay vigilant.

The crew shared the following interview with SGAnon and David Nino Rodriguez if you care to listen to a discussion about various issues we have been watching. I just started listening. SG says 49 states are still using Dominion voting machines.

That confirms we were not successful in doing a complete sweep of ALL the tools the cabal has used in the past to steal the elections, but it is not the same chess board; not by a long shot. A lot of our questions will be answered this week and we won’t have to wonder any more. Listen on Before It’s News at the link below, where SG affirms in the Q&A that he is not Phil Godlewski. Come on, folks. He sounds nothing like him. If he wants to retain his credibility, he will not bad-mouth any others in the alt news community unless they’re truly evil. 38 min.

Or watch here on Rumble.

New Nino’s Corner – SGAnon – An Aerial View Of the Battlefront 11-2-22

Apparently Phil G is an issue folks can’t get a handle on so they ask SGAnon who replied:

I have received a TON of emails asking my position on @realphilgodlewski . Many of you have serious issue with this Anon.

I cannot participate in the discussion.

I encourage all of you to consider whether the things you hear about him are true, or necessary. Q tells us there is a potential operator among us-> I assure you counter_intel doesn’t come in suit and tie.
This person went near-dark for 3 days, and now, a new Qdrop about “pop & Hunter”. Coincidences?

Like Juan O Savin [107] said; “arrest wars”.

The Covid battle continues in its own information war to wake the Normies. Epoch Times reported this figure:

Virus Hits 7:1 Vaxxed Over Unvaxxed

Data analyst Ethical Skeptic concludes from CDC, Worldometers, Walgreens data: “A 7:1 appetite in the virus for the recently vaccinated”

No surprise there.

The house of cards is tumbling as Christine Anderson MEP talks to a full house about the criminal investigations underway.

Von Ursula whose husband is linked to Pfizzer is under pressure to explain contracts valued at 71bn euro/10 doses per person.

Justice is being served.

— Kat A 🌸 (@SaiKate108) November 7, 2022

They’re not going to get away with anything permanently. We’re going to flush their butts down the latrines where they belong.

Social Media is a fun place to be these days. Nice to see a fake woman “celebrity” put in her place.


— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) November 7, 2022

There is a great deal of drama in America and connected to America that must eventually be resolved; the Trump-DeSantis drama included. Kerry Cassidy posted the following on Telegram.


Everyone is talking.

The left, the establishment RINO right, and the so-called “patriot right” that is easily offended by mean tweets, but in theory, loves everything Trump stands for—-except for the man himself.

A major narrative will emerge. The left will promote DeSantis over Trump as a responsible alternative to Trump, while criticizing DeSantis in a minor way to keep up appearances. This political theater will look like reasonable concessions from the left. The sheep will agree. The left prefers ANYONE over Trump.

The RINO establishment and so-called patriot right will focus on division, and blame Trump for the division. With a subtle push, DeSantis will be praised as a unifier who provides a Trump like policy approach, but with the predictable polish they love.

My response?

Trump has not divided the country. He has merely brought to the surface the divisions that were already there, and in the process awoke the American people before it was too late.

The 2020 election was stolen. “We the People” were deprived of their legitimate Commander-in-Chief through a national coup, carried out by the actions of democratic Marxists and the omissions of RINOs and so-called patriots that loved their power more than the rule of law.

DeSantis falls into the category of “omission.”

DeSantis never spoke out about the stolen election, and never addressed how every Floridian was deprived of their real President.

DeSantis never speaks out about our J6 prisoners rotting in a cell.

DeSantis never fought for Trump.

DeSantis has positioned himself to replace Trump.

Is DeSantis the best governor in the United States? Arguably—-yes. That’s why he is an attractive option.

But wouldn’t DeSantis have been an infinitely better governor if he would have fought for our President since November 3, 2020?

Friends, stop merely looking at what people say and do. DeSantis says and does a lot of good things.

Look at the silence of your leaders on the most important issues. DeSantis’ silence on the stolen election and rigged election machines speaks volumes.

Return the diamonds.

Isn’t it surprising that this song came out in 2010? It was so long ago and yet all these years so many just couldn’t wake up to the truth. Listen to the lyrics.

It is IMPERATIVE that all Americans vote. If you haven’t voted already, get your butt out there and help save your country. Don’t go home tomorrow until you have voted—regardless of who you vote for. C-Vine posted this important message on Telegram:

They are going to try anything and everything to get you to stay home or get out of line at the polls. Any excuse to stop you from showing up.

DON’T FALL FOR IT! If you need to crawl there through an alien invasion, blizzard or fire… get there and vote!

There is NO REASON good enough for anyone to fail to vote. None.

If need be, the Alliance/Trump’s military will step in. Just do your job and they will do theirs. If Americans don’t vote, the White Hats can’t show the world how the criminals stole the vote. [or tried to] First you vote, then the truth and proof come out.

I am confident this will be a November to remember. We don’t know exactly what to expect at this point, but I will be up very early tomorrow morning, moderating comments, watching, waiting, wondering, and although I can’t vote in America because I’m Canadian, I’m in.

Together we are going to take America back—and Canada, and Mexico, and Australia, and England and Italy and Sweden and the Netherlands and Germany and Switzerland and Brazil and every country on the plane[et]. I’m ready for the next phase of the journey and it starts here, in the good old US of A.

Come on, Patriots. We got us a mess o’ bandits fixin’ ta steal an election. We’re the Q Army. Pack your kit bag, put trepidation aside and saddle up. We ride at dawn.  ~ BP

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