Light Is Information. Information Is Power – Nov. 2, 2022

Light is Source information for you. It uplifts you, like the warm sun on a cold day of winter, because once you are informed, you feel more powerful.

When you are not uninformed, you feel powerless. And without your inner power, change cannot be obtained.

Waves, like sound or magnetic fields, are another way to carry information because it is part of the light. When you’re so centered in your 3D reality, and your senses mislead you, it may seem that sound and light are two separate things because you perceive light with your eyes and sound with your ears.

It’s only because you use two separate areas of perception

on your body that sound and light also seem separated. In fact, they are much more connected than you would expect.

Please take a minute to think that, in some way, every wave works for enlightenment because they carry information. And it is through specific information that you activate your DNA and start the ascension process.

Many structures built on this planet, particularly ancient sacred sites, have information stored within the stone. In the same way, you have cosmic data stored within the bones of your skeletal form.

When you allow sacred waves, like specific frequencies of sound, to move through you, it unlocks a doorway. It allows information to flood into your body. It also penetrates the ground, affecting the vibrations of Earth and allowing a rearrangement of a molecular alignment of information to take place.

Those of you who use sound and resonance when you are working on others’ bodies bring about a rearrangement of the molecular structure and create an opening for information to flood in. With time, this kind of work will become more profound and indispensable.

In Tibet, when a master transcended realities and passed over, the body was kept and allowed to deteriorate because they knew the skeletal form would hold sensibility to specific frequencies. All the information from this life would be stored in those bones.

That’s why in some sacred places on Earth, where the lines of Divine teachings can be traced back thousands of years, people have kept the skulls of the masters of the past.

They have very secret crypts and rooms filled with these skulls. When one walks into these places, one can access the intelligence factors of the humans who once occupied that space at another time by tuning to specific frequencies.

Do you understand now why crystal skulls were designed?

Crystalline structures are like quantic computers: they can store and transmit tremendous information. And they were designed in the shape of skulls so we could understand, once and for all, that we carry all the Universe’s information in our bodies!

Many people think that, in ancient Egypt, the ankh was a symbol that represented life when, in fact, it was used, among other uses, as a frequency modulator. It was utilized by individuals who were Masters of keeping frequencies and could do mighty things.

With this new information, we are trying to encourage you to become a Master of Change. If our ancient civilizations knew about the power of divine frequencies and waves, such as the infinite energy of magnetic fields, undoubtedly, as the incredible beings that we are, we’ll be able to harness the force of life and use it to build a new reality.

Be informed, Be powerful. And keep a high frequency everywhere you go!

Learn how to modulate your frequency, which will substantially impact your whole body. Your molecules and cells will rearrange and start to build a new reality. And, once you achieve inner change, outer reality will follow.

As humankind, once exposed to the information that enlightenment brings, you will be given abilities you would have never imagined were attainable by humans.

And if all of us work together and tune in to those frequencies as ONE, you will be shown what you can do and have everything without even knowing you can do it.

The Dawn of a new world is coming. The Golden Age of Earth is about to start.

Get yourself centered, clear your mind, and allow the sacred frequencies to flood and come through you. Through them, Source will offer you all the information and guidance you need at this time for this beautiful process of ascension.

And remember, Divine Intelligence is always at work. Ascension is only a matter of listening to the information it offers us, in the shape of light, in the form of Love.

You are not alone.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Divine blessings to all,

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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