FIFTY8 / It is time to bring clarity to this world – Nov. 2, 2022

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying this amazing energy! As time is ending and new energy is here, it is even more important to become aware of yourself.

Reality is a mirror of the mind. For you to KNOW this you must experience it by consciously creating and becoming aware of what you curate in the mind. Until you become aware of the contents of your consciousness and attain new knowledge with the basic understanding of the nature of reality, we will continue to experience limited realities of the ego mind.

It is only by listening, observing and inner reflection that will change this reality from the ego mind to the heart. The false reality of the ego mind is always in lack due to its limited perception of itself. The true reality of the heart is always in abundance. What do you identify with? When we experience the reality of the heart, we will then experience free energy, new inventions, speed of light travel, instant healing and more.

But until we all become aware of our identification with the mind and the nature of this reality, we are all lost and afraid. We awaken when we become aware of the limitations of the mind, body and soul. We become intelligent when we let go and surrender to our true nature. The only reason we don’t evolve and change is due to the fear of pain in the mind.

The idea of growth involves the idea of disruption as the inner being must continually burst through its confining shell or encasement. This disruption is accompanied by pain, not physical but mental and intellectual. From a wider point of view, we are trying to burst through our shell at its one vulnerable point; that our real growth must happen at once.

Every crushing pain is caused by the expansion of some neglected part. So whatever you are feeling, it is there to help heal and evolve your consciousness that you have neglected. The goal of every human to enter upon a higher plane of existence in order to become a new man/woman is to surrender and let go. If you succeed, your capabilities and faculties will receive a corresponding increase of range and power. Each stage in your evolutionary scale is marked by increase in capacity and belief in self.

It doesn’t matter what you collect intellectually. The only thing that matters is your personal power and belief in self. Faith is the expression of the power of will. When you control the spirit of belief instead of allowing to be controlled or manipulated you can create miracles. When you learn to trust in good luck and change, you command those forces by never doubting yourself. That is what it means to be spiritual.

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind.

Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

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