Wait…What? – Oct. 31. 2022

To help the sleepers understand the gravity of why we are, where we are.

They have owned the information for hundreds of years. In fact, several other large print publications of 1912 reported no casualties from the Titanic sinking.

Information = Influence = Control = Power

But no more.

>>We are the news now<<

Bonus Points:

What was The Creature from Jekyll Island, and how did it and the Titanic tragedy relate?

What are the correlations?

What happened in 1913?

👉 SGAnon


So wait…

President of the United States Donald J Trump retruths a graphic with “WWG1WGA”, the number 17

on his left lapel (president Q+) the literal letter “Q” above him, and the text on the graphic says

“The Storm is Coming”.

At what point is it mathematically impossible?

“But Joe Biden is POTUS” 🤡🤡


>>> Joe Biden is sitting president of nothing.


👉 SGAnon


LET’S GO!!!🥳🥳🥳


President Trump provides some words of encouragement for those who are worried about the future:

“We’re gonna get back in and we’re gonna take back this country and we’re gonna Make America Great Again. It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen.” 💥

The best is yet to come 🇺🇸

Sidenote: Notice he implied that Mitch McConnell is being blackmailed? Interesting.


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