How Things Stand Now… Oct. 31, 2022

Situation Update ~ Q – The End Of The World 2022





Well what do we have here friend’s?

It appears that there is evidence that shows that portions of the J6 event were indeed staged.

Can you say CGI…


11.7 = 117 Trump Rally

@ 17th State Ohio

Corn [cia] 🌽🍿 Agricultural Crop

3,5 million!

35 = JFK




ANTARTICA conversation runs parallel with DISCLOSURE.

I believe…

Either in the History video with Majestic or in the PDF, the opening of Antartica correlates with our Disclosure.

Synchronicity-wise, when I learned it some time ago, Tucker mentioned it within the usual Manifestation of 3 days for me.



China gave $11 million to Biden family


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