The Future Calls… Oct. 31, 2022

Staying positive and saying affirmations has observable healing effects on the body.

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What’s your choice today man?🤔


Energy Killers?





Energy Boosters?




You have power over your mind and actions.

Don’t let the dopamine hits get the best of you.



Light always overcome darkness✨


Tsar Mikhail Romanov declared November 4 In 1613 Unity Day


Future Proves Past.

Will burn the books like the Renaissance 🇨🇵 part deux 

🇷🇺 Russian Unity Day = Moscow freed from occupation and Tzar Mikhail Romanov declared national holiday until 1917 when Bolsheviks (Khazarian’s) stopped it & celebrated Nov 7 revolution day instead. In 2005 Putin removed Nov 7 from calendar & reinstated Nov 4 Unity Day 🔥

Tchaikovsky – Overture 1812


Pretty sure Vlad is making a big announcement – Stellar? NOV 4.

Remember the Romanov wedding after 100 years.



#Poseidon >Sudzha Pipeline


Suwalki Gap >Belarus/Russia surrounding Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

Fmr States.

NETANYAHU > Lithuania>Daila Grybauskaite>Israel Is Last.

Probably IMPORTANT before Unity Day and these being NATO states brings Article [5]>V into it. [Play the Video in Times Square]

Mass Cyber Attacks 11.4.

Then Britain gets shitty.

All been written long ago. You will find it all.

Then what happens? TURKEY,  FRANCE & OTHERS FLIP ON NATO>End of EU, END of NATO

Bidan Declarance of war on England & Israel.

China>Taiwan [China Tuesday]


3 Day Event

Red Wave Coming

Death of the Democrats

3 × [911] opportunities

119th day [Oct 31]

11 6 flip the 6

Mirror Sep 11>Nov 9

Seen this before?

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