Is It True? – Oct. 31, 2022

Editor’s Note: Humans are now being challenged to find “truth” in the midst of varying reports of varying types. Both the good guys, and the bad guys, now admit to wielding disinformation to the masses.

For me, this is further evidence of “the loop” humanity has been trapped in for quite a while! Until now, humanity society has only had two choices…”good” or “bad”. Others seeking a middle path have been overwhelmed by the general sentiment of humanity reacting to the issues of the day.

Thus, the system of organization for humanity has been polar, and can best be exemplified by a line. (The line of human history is curved, and sometimes turns back on itself). Is humanity required to repeat history by “toeing the line” of polarity?

Quantum Awareness is neither “good” nor “bad” as quantum is inclusive, not exclusive. Exclusivity is limiting, while inclusiveness is inviting. If we imagine polarity to be a line, lifting above this line with Quantum Awareness establishes another point, thereby forming a triangle and the mathematical beauty of the triangle is well known.

Many propose leaving the polar line by developing beliefs in religious principles which lift the human spirit. However, all religious belief systems are actually measures of control, ie… you are will receive this, but only if you believe that, which loops directly back into the polar life.

Ok…Quantum sounds good, and humanity is starting to hear this word…how does one become “Quantum” and leave the world of polarity/duality?

Quantum just IS! Quantum includes, well…everything! Quantum is NOW (No Other Way), not the past and not the future, so “living in the present” becomes a way of life. The well- known responsibilities of life are not avoided, but embraced as opportunities.

Embracing is a vital component for Quantum Awareness where the issue, or the positive event, is embraced in the moment of NOW. As a positive resonance of thought about a circumstance occurs (embracing), new ideas/circumstances magically emerge into life! Actively embracing a problem, and merging with it, will in all ways allow one to e-merge into a better place, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

2 thoughts on “Is It True? – Oct. 31, 2022

  1. Well I think it’s total bs that both sides are choosing to play mental cruelty games on We The People.!! Those are also grounds of treason too.After all everyone says they have it all all evidence all proof all the people and yet this crap storm movie still continues!!! I understand you need to bust them in the act in order for it to be considered a crime, but really has soon has the mid terms are done the very next day all arrest’s need to be done all proof and evidence is given and shown once and for all !!! And all mental games must also end immediately!!! To string people along is treason when you are in a power position your using it to take advantage of those of us who haven’t had any knowledge of this stuff happening!!! Bravo for bringing it to light ,but I was under the impression that we had a force that was to hold government accountable for crimes n their actions…time for swift accountability!!!


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