Who Shall I Be for Halloween? – Oct. 30, 2022


Seems like you can take the Incestuous Tribal Warlord out of Somalia but you can’t ever remove the “Somali Style” Warfare out of the Congresswoman.





Oh this movie just gets better…..

David Depape tells investigators that he and Paul Pelosi were engaging in gay sex and an argument ensued over drugs. The Pelosi’s are refusing to turn over surveillance video of their home fueling more speculation of homosexuality at the home.

Depape has arrests for male prostitution.

Wonder if Drunken Nancy is about to go bye bye🤣😂



Woe unto those that call evil good and good evil “(Isaiah 5:20) Biden is not the lawful President of the United States, and no amount of propaganda will ever change that fact.

Remember who the real president is!





It just keeps getting better and better!


BREAKING: First leaked image of Paul Pelosi’s incident…😂😂😂


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