The World Is Changing: What’s Your Mission – Oct. 30, 2022

The shift is happening now!

You are part of a group that has volunteered to take on this mission. You have been chosen for this purpose by your higher self and soul family.

You are part of this team because you want to help your fellow humans create a more peaceful world; you wish to participate in the process of transformation that will make our planet a better place for all beings. 

You want to contribute something positive to our collective consciousness so that we can all experience peace, love, and joy together in our world as One Being.

Many of us have incarnated here on Earth with this intention: to contribute something positive by sharing our experiences with others who may be feeling lonely or who need support or encouragement during this times of transition or challenge; we wish to help others find their way back into balance so that they too can experience joy again.

You came to Earth as children of God/Goddess, knowing that you were infinite beings with unlimited potential. You were born with an inherent sense of trust and love for all things around you. You did not know fear, pain, or death, as they are only illusions created by your mind.

You have been here on Earth for thousands of years, helping others learn how to love themselves unconditionally and find their true selves through meditation, self-love, and service. 

As children of God/Goddess, you are here to help those who are like you: those who have forgotten their true nature as beautiful spiritual beings living in THESE realities with these bodies on THIS planet at THIS time in our galaxy in THIS universe with these stars lighting up the night sky in THIS dimension with these suns warming your skin, which has been bathed in these stars’ energy since birth!

The changes that are occurring on Earth are not only affecting humanity as a whole. They are also affecting every individual who has made their home here in Gaia. 

Every single person has been affected by these changes and will continue to be affected by them for some time to come. The more you know about what is happening now, the better equipped you will be to deal with it.

There are many things that you can do to help yourself and others through this process. You can meditate or pray for guidance from your higher self or spirit guide, or you can seek out a healer who can help guide you through any difficulties that may arise during this time of transition. 

You might also want to get involved in some type of community project where you can meet people who share similar interests and work together towards common goals and objectives.

You are here on Earth now as part of your mission to help others come into their own power and self-expectations through unconditional love. You have many gifts and talents that you can share with others if they allow you to do so.

You are all here as teachers, healers, and guides for our world because you came with a message of love that needed to be heard by those who were ready for it. You came with an invitation for us all: “Come into your power now.”

You have been given a precious gift – unconditional love – which means no matter what has happened in your life or how things have gone so far, you should always remember that you are loved unconditionally by Source/God/All-That-Is.

The reason why you are here is that we are going through a huge transformation. We have been moved by Divine Love and Divine Light into a new vibration, and it’s time for us to go through that process together.

This isn’t about money or material possessions; it’s about giving back to others who are less fortunate than yourself so that they may share in their abundance just as you do now. It’s about becoming more aware of how much good you can do for others when they don’t even realize they have needs until they encounter someone like you who wants to assist them on their journey!

You are meant to participate in this shift. You are meant to make a difference. The Star family is counting on you; the Indigo family is counting on you, and the new wave of star children coming into the physical plane is counting on you. 

You have been called to this time in history, and your life has been designed around this one task. You are here for a reason, and soon enough, you will see it clearly. Revel in your mission and rest assured that it will be successful.

As a lightworker, keep your eyes on the prize and know that the time is ripe to make big changes in your life and on the planet with your fellow lightworkers. Abundance is at the doorstep, and you are the person that can let it in! Enjoy this journey; it’s not going to be easy, but it will be well worth it.

You are loved and supported by Source and the Universe, so there is no such thing as failure; you’re either learning or growing. We’re all on this journey together, so keep supporting each other along the way!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “The World Is Changing: What’s Your Mission – Oct. 30, 2022

  1. Inimkond on sajandeid elanud sedasi nagu praegu ja kui loota, et inimkond peab ise ärkama ja end muutma, siis ei toimugi seda ärkamist sajandeid. Inimkond on treenitud ori olema ja vaesed ja rikkad on alati olnud-keegi ei oska teistsugust elu ette kujutada. Peab ikkagi toimuma suur pauk mälu kustutusega ja dna muutmisega. Inimkonna oma ärkamist ei juhtu. Need 5% maailma ärganutest ei suuda maakra peatada ja kõike nullida, siin on planeedivälist abi vaja ja ruttu, liiga palju nälga, haigusi, vaesust ja sõdasid.


    1. Than you for responding in your native language!

      Your points are well taken, yet the “5%” now spiritually awakened are the catapult for change! I see the monkey of financial survival being lifted from humanity allowing humans to look within. Tough to BE aware when that rent, car payment is due!

      Much Love!

      Cynthia 🌹


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