Georgia Mail Truck Potentially Carrying Absentee Ballots Destroyed by Fire ~ Oct. 28, 2022


A U.S. mail truck possibly carrying absentee ballots in Georgia was completely destroyed after it caught fire on Monday.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office shared pictures on Facebook of the Jeep engulfed in flames in a rural area near Pretoria/Tarva Road, approximately ten miles southwest of Albany.

The sheriff’s office said the delivery driver was not injured, but the car is a total loss along with all the mail inside of it.

During a press conference on Tuesday, the Secretary of State’s Office addressed the fire and said election officials have already spoken with the election’s director in that area, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

“There are 43 outstanding ballots in the county. We’re working with USPS to see if they have images of what might have been on that truck, to reissue them,” Interim Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling said. “Worst comes to worst, we’ll reissue the 43 ballots, or the county will reissue the 43 ballots, and first across the line for those voters will be the ballots that are accepted.”

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