Juan O Savin- “American Troops Touch Down In Ukraine” – Oct. 25, 2022

Whelp.. Here we are folks.. We are approaching midterms and certain events will be happening at a much faster pace as the deep state war escalates. Juan has come onto NinosCorner.tv to give us the latest details regarding the escalation in process. The MSM won’t touch this until they get direct orders from their globalist controllers..


What the military wants you to know is there is only 4,600 U.S. troops ,101st Airborne division deployed to UKRAINE WAR escalation…… But the numbers are much more higher into 20,000 troops ( they don’t tell you specifically the real numbers)///


NEW — Former Pentagon Chief, Ashton Carter, who served as secretary of defense under Obama, has passed away aged 68.

Carter oversaw the arming of Ukraine and the US intervention in Syria, and welcomed transgender troops to the US military. (RT)


General. Jack Keane

“Ships (Battle fleets), airplanes

(Chinese Air force) , Missiles, Defence Missiles, … You name the category, the Chinese out gun us! “

_General Keane talking about China attacking TAIWAN much much sooner than BIDEN admin. Pentagon thought ( they thought the Chinese would Attack in 18 MONTHS…. But the reality is CCP is conducting large military operations at this moment with Nuclear exercises in case the U.S. intervenes with Japan )//


How did many of us in TRUTH community know CHINA was preparing to attack months ago and I reported several times recently of the imminent attack coming and all the Inside information on Chinese operations, exercises and recent MILITARY COUP attempt by the Deep state against XI ( even Benjamin fulford and polish intelligence used my drop)////

The larger Truth as everyone knows is DNC and MSM,UN are constantly lying and hide the True Times lines of EVENTS and use to manipulate they masses.

> This ELON MUSK buying TWITTER and taking CONTROL of TWITTER is far more than people can fathom……… It connects to EXPOSING>>>FACEBOOK. GOOGLE. YOUTUBE. TIKTOK, …

and the DEEP STATE DIGITAL BOTS ARMY that control the NEWS ALGORITHMS and the reasons behind so many Colour Revolutions///////…..



_Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, ITALY., INDIA, All Telling their citizens to leave UKRAINE immediately! In the last 32 hours


CHINA made calls to several Alliance countries and WARNED of the Leaving UKRAINE immediately.

The mobilization of over a 300 thousandth troops in record time for any country now belongs to RUSSIA as they finished the mobilization 2 weeks ahead of time….////

_BELARUS MILITARY Starts military mobilization as their government issues antiterrorist laws connected to UKRAINE conflict nearing their borders and NATO MILITARY getting closer with combat units disguised as freedom fighters.

>Belarus has already stopped a terrorist ATTACK and put the story out and in the same hour their Military was put in high ALART and mobilization began with missiles systems fully activated. The terrorist were tracked back to Poland forces that were trained in CIA Ukrainian camps. Russian intelligence immediately gave WARNING to Belarus military and Russian sent a full squadron of jet fights to BELARUS.

_IRAN publicly backs RUSSIA in the Ukraine conflict and sent Iranian MILITARY drones to bomb Kiev ( kyiv) the capital of Ukraine.

>Over 500 cities without power in Ukraine

NATO holds NUCLEAR strike exercises in the EU region and China also holds NUCLEAR strike exercises in south sea of China. And RUSSIAN continues to build up NUCLEAR STRIKE AIR SQUADRONS AND HAS SEVERAL SUBMARINES UNACCOUNTED FOR IN THE DEEP ATLANTIC OCEANS.


CABLES: as the WAR escalates in EU. UKRAINE.>>> The DEEP STATE in the U.S. issues ⚠️ WARNING [ COMMS] in MSM of a deadlier Stain of COVID virus 80% more deadlier than the bio-weapons COVID 19 release of 2019.

>>>> MILITARY SOURCES say this is a MAJOR threat and attempted blackmail for U.S. WHITES HATS OPERATIONS TO BACK DOWN FROM THEIR OPERATIONS, ,, ( back channels between Jesuits/DAVOS/ROTHSCHILDs in EU ….. Are trying hard to hold the U.S. HOSTAGE WITH THE NEW VIRUS////if the ALLIANCE does not back down from DEVOLUTION OPERATIONS IN THE U.S…///

(I will keep up in this development of the Boston virus

….. source says the idea the Blackhats [DS] have is to create a false flag EVENT and blame Russia for an attack on the Boston LEVEL 4 BIOLAB and release the virus///)….

Two other sources in NY say the lab is already under Whites HATS military control the past 16 hours

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