Just Now… ~ Oct. 25, 2022


U.S. DNC trying hard to send 50,000,000,000.000 Billion to Ukraine before the ELECTIONS

,, There is no accounting of the U.S. Tax payers money for the spending in the UKRAINE WAR.

_Congress did not authorize the Army 101st Airborne division to go to War assist RUSSIA.. The U.S. Military troops there do not get Their Special incentives and higher wages for being the War that is not authorized by Congress.

_As the Elections loom, both sides of the parties are already blaming each other for cheating and the same old election dominion machines are being reused.

_MsM DNC party issues warning to Left voters they may see violence at voting areas from the far right…..( They are setting up for stay at home mail in ballots)//


Kevin McCarthy

When Republicans retake the House & the House speaker becomes Kevin McCarthy and

Joe Biden is impeached or resigns or arrested or becomes deathly ill and the 25th amendment is invoked and by chance HARRIS is also removed , then Kevin McCarthy becomes President and his first choice for vice President would be Trump.

These is a Small small small small small chance

for this magical scenario to happen..

But anything is possible and this story is making the rounds in the Senate circles.

Just though I put this out there…. Some of the older gents in the Republic patty are eyeing this prosperity 😊


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