This Exercise Will Cause Any Disease To Disappear Forever – Oct. 5, 2022

Editor’s Note: Wow! This truly leads to the end for using pharmaceutical products!!

3 thoughts on “This Exercise Will Cause Any Disease To Disappear Forever – Oct. 5, 2022

      1. Yes it is.

        I lost MY hair at age sixteen…..

        ….SIX….TEEN. It’s bad enough for, say, a fifty year old to lose their hair, which is horrible as it is….but imagine the TRAUMA at SIXTEEN! You won’t believe the ridicule, and the BEATINGS I took in high school because of it…and surprise…NO DATES. I was a god damn CHILD, damn it! Baldness is UGLY, it makes one look old, and I see NO use for it. My self esteem went to hell. And there’s NOTHING that woman experience as opposed to baldness, which is fairly rare for women. You’d have to imagine if…..*thinks*…as if your tits fell off….really slow…..slid on down….and just popped off the knees and were gone. And you can’t even say periods… women think there is nothing bad for males as you have for periods. *points to my head* DIG IT…..a period eventually goes away, but I look like this EVERY day. Baldness is a disease of the SPIRIT. It has NO use, and I’ve NEVER met anyone who was HAPPY to go bald, not one.

        It’s yet one, of MANY reasons that I HATE my masculine body….and MUST become the alien woman I was before. First chance I get, I’m giving up both my humanity and masculinity, and become what I was BEFORE this human, so-called ‘life. It also shows me the human body is NOT one of the greatest creations of nature/god or whatever, but PROVES to me that our DNA has been raped by the Archons and the Chimera…..chuck this up along with pitifully short life spans, aging, and prone to disease and injury, that humans have been rendered into genetically raped primates.

        Understand, now?


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