[New post] October 4, 2022: Step One—the Threats [videos] – Oct. 4, 2022

Well, it has begun. The colourful yarns they are spinning to enable the Earth Alliance to covertly get troops into position to make the mass arrests and awaken the general populace of the planet have been kicked off like the fall football season and the situation has gone nuclear.

The world has been presented with real threats.

North Korea reportedly sent missiles flying on Monday and air raid sirens were going off in Japan while emergency meetings took place.

BREAKING: Air raid sirens sounding in Japan following reports of North Korea missile fire, missile reportedly overflew the country and landed into Pacific Ocean

UPDATES: https://insiderpaper.com/north-korea-missile-likely-flew-over-japan-pms-office/

Under the guise of an orchestrated WWIII scenario, Planet Earth/Terra is going to undergo a revolution, a mass awakening, a series of carefully engineered events culminating in the unmistakable pitcher of ice water which, when dumped on Humanity will wake up all but the most hopelessly mind controlled.

MAD VLAD PUTS FINGER ON BUTTON: Russia Reportedly Planning Nuclear Weapons Tests https://t.co/xronywtliQ

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) October 4, 2022

Bangladesh plunged into darkness as power grid buckles amid gas shortages https://t.co/CbhHtSHLqs

— Just the News (@JustTheNews) October 4, 2022

Good Dog’s posts today are hints, I think. Link to Telegram for the text of JFK speech excerpt.


OCTOBER 5th 1960

Followed by this “PSA” which is a ‘public service announcement’, so consider this your heads up. Link to Telegram.

Benjamin Fulford’s update we shared yesterday left nothing to the imagination and confirmed that the White Hats have the evil cabal in their sights and if they refuse to capitulate and stand down, they will be eliminated. Poof! It’s on them. Child sacrifice to Satan is not acceptable to Humans and it’s going to stop.

I find this news around imposter VP Kamala Harris today very interesting. I doubt it ends here and is probably a thread they’ve pulled in the sweater of DC coup accomplices that will lead to more unravelling. Very creative. Will she suffer a concussion, brain aneurysm… use your imagination. She has to be removed somehow, some way, some day.


An SUV @VP Kamala Harris was riding in Monday morning on her way to the White House overcorrected and crashed into a curb. @SecretSvcSpox tells me out of an abundance of caution, Harris was transferred to another vehicle & the motorcade continued on.

Guess what we have for you, Hitlary…

We have discussed how this entire big picture operation will be conducted lawfully and with as little bloodshed as possible. While Trump was in office a great deal of unravelling of the cabal’s system took place. New laws, executive orders, etc. were drafted and sealed and the military’s Law of War manual was updated as well, as previously discussed. All the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” crossed.

Ezra Cohen works within that tight circle and posted the following on Twitter.

In January 2021, I directed reforms to the DoD security clearance process in line with those envisioned by President Eisenhower and Secretary Gates. These reforms create equal due process for all, and are intended to come into effect today.https://t.co/GkbLKaYfRhvia @politico

— Ezra A. Cohen (@EzraACohen) September 30, 2022

Trump calls them “animals” but the henchmen for the satanic cabal are more like monsters. Listen to what happened to a patriotic American woman on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol at the hands of these fake Capitol Police. They’re a cabal army.

In Riveting Interview: J-6 Victim Victoria White Describes Unbelievable Bare-Fisted Beating by DC Police on Jan 6th and the Nightmare that Followed — MUST SEE VIDEO

Yellow Rose for Texas fans will want to hear the October 3 update the crew brought to our attention. It’s in response to comments she has received and her material is always fascinating. Rose does a fair bit of basic review in this one so new listeners will benefit. She gets into the nature of the AI and construct where we have been incarcerated, the origin of negative thoughts, our entrapment, spell-casting, the fact that we are about to or are in the process of our exit from the matrix, and more. It’s a lot to think about. 1 hr.

Get Ready Update 10-3-2022

If what Rose tells us is true and we need to curtail our use of the NWO system, we do need to stop supporting them financially by being the consumers they want us to be. She says now, when we are exiting, it is very important not to make big purchases or buy luxury items, etc. and to keep it basic. She is very explicit about why.

She also says we need to prepare emotionally for the reunion with our families. It will be a highly charged event when we see them all again, when we go “home”.

What has Trump been saying? He said “We’re coming home”. And then he said we’re back or something to that effect.

At times Trump speaks in terms of different timelines, as he did when he said he caught the swamp. He caught ’em all. We believe that is because he either visited or viewed the timeline where that had come to fruition.

What about now? Is he speaking only about coming home to the White House, or could it also refer to coming home to our true families on another timeline after our exit? Just the wild musings of a died-in-the-wool conspiracy analyst.

Rose says we will finally meet The One, and I happened to see this on Trump’s Truth Social page. Qincidence? Crazy? I have wondered for awhile if Trump is One, because he certainly seems to love us. He is fighting for all Humans on the planet and is loved worldwide. Check out this article Trump referenced.

He’s Still the One

This is an interesting post from a Canadian patriot on Telegram regarding the election win of Jaire Bolsonaro in Brazil and a Q drop. Link to Telegram.

Bolsonaro is a marker. Coming home to a clean house. Done in 30

Link to Q drop.

House cleaning.
WH secured.
Final stage.

As most are aware, there have been violent storms all over North America in the past two weeks. Canadians and Americans need to take care of their own. Fort Meyers, Florida was levelled—but let’s be clear: this is not about “climate change”. The lunatic left blame everything on climate change.

David Nino Rodriguez put this out: Link to Telegram.


Hurricane Relief!!!
Please read the entire post!!!

As we all know the west coast of Florida was hit and destroyed by hurricane Ian. 360 Tactical, STG LOGISTICS, BuckleUp! Podcast, Arez Consulting services and S&E Performance have partnered up in efforts of helping our fellow Floridians. These families have lost everything. It is time to bring our communities together and help all the families affected by this storm. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will be collecting essential goods (List below)

On Saturday and Sunday Oct 8-9 from 10am to 6pm at STG Logistics 8503 NW 80th street, Medley, Fl 33166. We need people to donate their time and efforts at the collection point as well as a caravan (pick-up trucks) to drive and assist at the drop point at Ft. Myers, FL

If you are interested in donating essential goods, your time and efforts, it will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Rolando 786-314-0471, to coordinate. The caravan heading to Ft. Myers, FL will depart from STG LOGISTICS on Saturday October 15th at 8 am sharp. Please, Please, Please repost and share this with all your friends and family. Let’s make this go viral and help our Brothers and Sisters in West Coast Florida.

List of essentials needed.
Baby wipes
Baby formula
Baby food
Baby bottles
Canned foods
Bottled Water or gallon water
Women hygiene products
Deodorant (man/woman)
Paper towel
Paper plates
Plastic ware
Toilet paper
Bar soap
Liquid Soap
Tooth paste
Tooth brush
Flash lights

BREAKING REPORT: Multiple Illegal Immigrants ARRESTED FOR LOOTING After Hurricane Ian – Florida Sheriff Issues New Warning..

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) October 4, 2022

As the mid-term election draws ever closer, we have more good news out of Arizona election reports.

Breaking: The Democrat Attorneys General Association (@DemocraticAGs) has cut another $594,510 from @krismayes media buy. Huge cut. 

She’s sinking fast. Democrats are jumping ship for other races. @AbrahamHamadeh is crushing her.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) October 3, 2022

Wow, check this out. OAN rides in like the cavalry. Twitter believes it’s important to warn that this is sensitive material. Morons.

Must watch pic.twitter.com/JGamgbLQIp

— hippie 1776 (@larryhueb1957) October 4, 2022

It’s laughable how they rig technology. They’re so desperate.


— Dr. Kelli Ward (@kelliwardaz) October 4, 2022

I have had issues with my technology the past couple of days with the blog and today with Proton mail. Access to the servers is the problem so service is intermittent but just occasionally, not often. It always seems to be when I’m about to publish and it prevents me from saving my work so I have my fingers crossed that I don’t lose it. I also had issues accessing images today. We can expect more interruptions, I assume.

Twitter is really slow this afternoon—possibly because Elon Musk bought it! The deal is going through but I can’t pull up a notice as the search tool wasn’t available. I did find this. We’re meming like cats and dogs.



— I Meme Therefore I Am (@ImMeme0) October 4, 2022

So… if Musk owns Twitter, Trump might go back to posting there—if only for the long-awaited, “My fellow Americans…”

There are some very interesting posts from Good Dog. Like this one. Link to Telegram.

[and these machines are still in place]

sure would be a shame if the power went out the night after the election?

In Commi-fornia they continue to batter the awakened. Link to Telegram.

NEW: A former LAPD officer who was fired for taking a stand to department vaccine mandates, has just received a letter from the city saying he doesn’t qualify for unemployment because the departments vaccine mandate was “a reasonable employer rule”.

Former Officer Michael McMahon says he plans to appeal the city’s decision.

“It’s wild. You don’t take the shot, now you don’t get unemployment. Covid [mandates] and the LAPD are keeping me form being compensated”

I interviewed former LAPD officer Michael McMahon who is now running for CA Assembly District 41, and how after 14 years in the department, he was fired for what he believes was an unconstitutional and unethical city mandate, Anthony Cabassa reports.

Full interview: https://youtu.be/u5CMG0Zqpsk

Down under, they too seem to have turned a corner and doctors are coming on mainstream media and saying what pro-vaxxers probably don’t want to hear. Link to Telegram for video clip.

Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Australia says you can’t tell the difference between Covid and flu, unless you’ve been jabbed and it’s much worse

In the Monday PIR update, Phoenix stated there is a rumour circulating that Biden is going to demand a two week lockdown. So far it is strictly a rumour, but it would make sense if the White Hats want everyone safe in their homes with their weapons holstered while they take care of things outside.

Phoenix also pointed out that regardless of whether that scenario unfolds or not, failure to prepare to shelter in place at this point is irresponsible and reckless. If we prepare for the possibility of being confined to our homes with no access to food, gas, bank machines, pharmacies for any amount of time, we can relax AND avoid the chaos and possible dangerous situations that can arise when people panic and find themselves dealing with dwindling food, water, supplies, and empty shelves.

The unaware may very well have to deal with that at some point in some places. We don’t have to participate.

Have you ever wondered how the gentle Chinese People got so compliant? How can they be complacent when they are so utterly controlled? The culture has been modified to suit the zoo keepers. America is a different story; different culture. The monsters within the Chinese Communist Party have been brutally herding the Chinese for so long most probably don’t even realize they aren’t free. They don’t know anything different.

REPORT: China uses psychiatric institutions to suppress dissent

FYI… Trump’s next scheduled rally. Is the above meme prophetic?

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will deliver remarks at a HUGE Rally in Mesa, Arizona.

DATE: October 9th, 2022
TIME: 4:00 PM, Doors open at 11:00 AM
LOCATION: Legacy Sports Park, 6321 S. Ellsworth Road, Mesa, AZ

That’s it for today. Stay chill, watch the show. It’s going to get wild and woolly but we are prepared. See you next time. If I don’t post, it’s because I am unable for whatever reason.

Thank you to the crew for keeping the shares coming via the comments. So much interesting information is coming out now. ~ BP

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