NESARA/GESARA/QFS Warning!! First Comes Dark New Financial System Efforts?? Financial Reset Warning Issued By Extraterrestrial!! ~ Oct. 4, 2022


IITM: The information below is a channeling of the being Hakaan, who answers a question on the upcoming financial reset.  It’s looking like before NESARA/GESARA/QFS, there could still be a push towards something dark… but it’s all smoke and mirrors… actually the darkside is all about smoke and mirrors… but don’t be fooled… their power has waned to be much less than what it was even a short while ago… and so the movie as it plays out before us, does entail false plots, fake moves, slight-of-hand, and shadow puppeteering… stay focused on the best outcome for all.

Question: I would like to know very much about the planned financial reset. In short, supposedly there will be an erasure of bank data and then there will be imposed a class system for almost all humans. Class system will be as follows: restricted, quarantined, common and sovereign. Each class will have max allowed total money that can be owned and its sets of restrictions. Beside sovereign class, which officially will not be communicated to exist.

This troubles me deeply. I wish to know how probable it is to happen to us and when. Whatever light you can shine on it, I’d appreciate.

Answer: A group of dark people or separation-consciousness people have a lot of destructive plans. This is one of them. I understand that this can be very scary.

Fortunately, this will not come to pass. Yes, something like this is being planned by dark people. No, they will not succeed. Neither will several other very destructive plans that they have.

In the future, something like this could be announced. It might even officially get implemented for a short while. But even in the worst case scenario, this will only be active for a short while. Earthling’s medium-term future is very bright, including financially and freedom-wise, and nothing can stop that.

Unless you feel called to directly work against the plans of the dark, e.g. as a member of the positive military or as a truth teller or as a politician, I would advise you not to spend too much time studying the plans of the dark. After all, these plans are not going to come to pass and it will just cause unnecessary fear. Also, as I talk about in my message “Hakann: About positive focus”, focusing on these plans will subtly empower them.

There will very likely be a financial reset, but it will be a positive one, initiated by the positive military. This reset will help to set humanity free, rather than enslave it.

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