“There’s Only One Way out” by TM – 10.2.22


Editor’s Note: Please pay attention to the final phrases of this piece…and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


… ” A Riddle Within A Puzzle
Two Players Without A Name
There’s Only One Way Out
To Change The Maze Within The Game…”

A Game Can’t Be Called A Game If It’s No Longer Fun And It Ain’t Play
Too Many Mind Games Within The Labyrinth Of The Mind

As I Search For Inspiration I Find It Quite Challenging To Form The Words To Express The Disconnection That I Am Experiencing Within This Game And The People Residing On This Plane Of Existence , And I Simply Can’t Help But To Feel That I Don’t Belong , That I Never Did And That I No Longer Feel Like Playing Anymore

My Desire To Leave Is Almost Pulling Me Away From This Carnival Freak Show That Does Not Represent Creation And Is Devoid Of Joy For Me And Filled More With Forced Laughter To Hide My Indifference As The Bars Of My Cage Appear To Be Closing In On Me And I , Seeking Only To Escape

I Ask MySelf ; Do I Really Want To Remain Here Any Longer ?
Where Is My Enthusiasm To Remain And ReCreate This World , When There Is An Emptiness That Can’t Be Expressed As I Yearn For Returning Home

Is This How A Performer Feels After Singing The Same Song For Decades ?
Or You’re A Part Of A Comedy Routine And You’re Playing The Straight Guy But The Language Changed And You And Your Jokes Are No Longer Relevant ?

Am i Just A Tired Old Dancing Bear In This Three Ring Circus Waiting For The Clowns To Finish Their Routines And Strike The Tents ?
Have I Written And Spoken And Poured Out My Soul To An Empty Room With All That I Have , All That I Was, All That I Am And I Can No Longer Pretend To Be ?That I Am Beyond Caring ?

And Then … When We Least Expect It
Tomorrow Arrives And The Bearded Phat Lady Is Shot Out Of A Cannon Singing Bob Marley’s
Redemption Song
A-Maze-Ing That We’ve Held Out So Long

One thought on ““There’s Only One Way out” by TM – 10.2.22

  1. Don’t call it a ‘game’. Games are supposed to be fun, this is not fun. Call it for what it is….a WAR.

    Earth is not a school, either, it’s a concentration camp, or a gulag.


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