The Shift: Your Inner Light, The Electric Grid ~ Oct. 2, 2022


Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view, for all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.

The greater aspects of the shift continue to unfold within your being. The clearing and transmuting of the old energies, as well as releasing altogether that which no longer serves the new you. The new version of you, of a higher consciousness and deeper understanding of story of creation.

Each day you align more with your Soul, allowing it to come forth, enhancing your abilities, particularly that of forgiveness and love. While placing more focus on creating the new, instead of mourning and fearing what may become of the old.

The dark players of the third dimensional world are well aware of the shift, and aware of the ones who are doing much light work towards manifesting the new reality. So they too have upped their game, and continue to speed up their processes towards world domination, in hopes of somehow, some way, preventing the shift of humanity and Earth into the fifth dimension. We chuckle as we write the last sentence, for we know in truth, it simply cannot be done.

There is nothing the dark can do which would put a stop to the shift. For the Divine Source has decreed, the shift will occur, and also move forward at a slightly quicker pace than previous times. This is part of the Divine Plan of the Universe which Creator has set forth. And since what occurs on Earth impacts the galaxy and beyond, nothing will be allowed to thwart the Divine Plan.

The dark being stubborn, for millennia, they have tried everything they could think of, to achieve their goals. All they have thrown at the world, only slowed down the process, simply delayed the inevitable.

They have for now given up on creating and releasing viruses. The people have ‘lost interest’ in those types of games. And many did not play along to begin with.

The resistance movement against the dark puppets must grow stronger. You must remain steadfast, those of you who refused to buy into the ‘plandemic’ games, and did not follow its rules, it is time to do more, share and prepare others with what you know. Send a clear message to your local and state leaders, that you will not tolerate any unjust actions of the puppets.

The next plot of the mischievous players is an attempt to bring down the electrical grid. This may occur in many parts of the world, particularly Europe and the U.S. They want the population to surrender, and hand over everything they’ve got if you want the electricity restored.

We remind you, like many of their other plans, this too will backfire. Although they may succeed in doing this, it will be temporary. It is something which would only last two to four days. They want total darkness. And they may get their wish, as we stated for a few days. However, the hours of darkness will be used by the White Hats to round up the entities whose thrones now face a total demise.

The lost entities have always ignored the fact that humans are not alone on this journey. And this is not to say that humans need saviors or assistance from other worldly forces, whether it be angelic beings, or benevolent extraterrestrials. We only state that the help is there if intervention is absolutely required. As always, do not forget, you have freewill, and your asking for assistance permits the higher dimensional beings to intervene in certain cases.

So if the electricity is out, the world is dark, no tv or radio to report anything, someone may just step in and light up the skies, while at the same time bringing up the electric grid, wirelessly. This would be the Galactic Federation of Light. Imagine the awakening that this would trigger, world wide.

Humanity will not be left in the dark. For the new energies entering the planet are touching your hearts, and helping many realize the light and love you hold within. This is changing the world. The more people awaken to this truth, awaken to their inner light, the more the frequency of the planet changes, rises, and the shift to the fifth dimension unfolds in harmony.

Remember, your daily prayers and meditations have a huge impact on preventing the dark’s plans, and creating a greater light quotient on Earth.

You are in for very exciting days ahead. From a higher perspective, the process of upliftment into the fifth dimension is already complete. That is why we have said you are in the final days of the old third dimensional reality.

There are more changes to manifest in the physical, necessary events and adjustments prior to the powerful wave of light, which will see humanity into the new reality of paradise. This has begun.

The light you hold within will lead you to the reality of peace and prosperity you truly desire.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

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