NYC Nearing Deal For Norwegian Cruise Ship To House Migrants – Oct. 2, 2022

New York City signaled plenty of virtue over its “sanctuary city” status, though it has been overwhelmed with thousands of illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas, and the costs are skyrocketing. In another interesting development, NYPost reported Mayor Eric Adams is securing a deal with the Norwegian Cruise Line to house the migrants on a luxury cruise ship.

Sources tell NYPost Adams is finalizing a deal with Norwegian to rent a massive cruise liner for six months to house and process migrants before entering the city’s overwhelmed shelter system

The vessel would be docked at Staten Island’s Homeport. Migrants would be allowed to come and go as they please while staying on the ship.

Sources explained the cruise ship rental would be much cheaper than building out another tent city in the metro area. The one in the Bronx, at the Orchard Beach parking, is slated to open soon and will cost $15 million per month to operate. 

Adams is even holding talks with another ship operator, Tallink, to house Ukrainian refugees who fled their country earlier this year after the Russian invasion. 

Fox News estimates around 15,500 illegal immigrants have flooded NYC since May as a record number of migrants are crossing into the US, with over 2 million migrant encounters by Customs and Border Protection this year.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent busloads of migrants from his state to NYC to raise awareness of the nation’s southern border crisis, thanks to the Biden administration’s inability to secure the border.

Adams last month warned: 

“In this new and unforeseen reality, where we expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward, the city’s system is nearing its breaking point.” 

The apparent irony of the situation is that leftist elites have long demanded that southern border states like Texas ignore constitutional laws on citizenship and take on the job of processing, feeding, housing, and transporting millions of illegal immigrants every year (well beyond the efforts of federal border patrol) while NYC can barely handle the influx of migrants that could soon cram them into at least one luxury cruise liner.

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