Can You Feel the Shift? – Oct. 1, 2022

We need to listen to ourselves…

The body is a miraculous machine.


WOW the shift we just went through overnight is beyond words truly! Super EPIC! I woke up to a new lightness of BEing and the most amazing Diamond Rainbow Sun and Multidimensional skies with much inter-dimensional and Galactic support! I haven’t seen a sky this magically rainbow crystalline here or anywhere!! So finally I have some pics of this magic to share, although pics don’t do it justice! 😃

Can you feel the massive shift within the Consciousness that is unfolding and changing our Realities from the inside out, as we now start to project our intentions onto the hologram?! Also very much connected to the powerful solar energies at play. We had a short Schumann Resonance BLACKOUT just over an hour ago confirming this latest massive Reset in Collective energies!! Everything feels very LIGHT and strong higher dimensional Frequencies flowing in, lifting us to the next level of the game. We have much Diamond Rainbow Plasma light also assisting the re-encryption of our matter world’s, not to mention the pure Source Love Light that is flooding and healing ALL! We have solar winds, ongoing C-class Solar Flares, and the magnetic field keeps being hit, as it is weakens, cracks and is very unstable, allowing more of the Cosmic Rays to reach us, as we are shifting back to organic magnetism. This also makes people feel unstable and off balance so keep this in mind and connect to nature to support you through this epic shift.

Re-member, WE’RE IN CHARGE OF THE TIMELINES/ REALITIES NOW, and always have been!!

So we don’t ask, don’t pray, nor hope or wish, we are not TRYING to manifest, we KNOW IT IS ALREADY SO! KNOWING IS SEEING! We now quantum leap, merge and jump with and as our already ascended Diamond Avatar Self, into the timeless ancient future that is Ascension Earth and the Organic Creatrix field, now accessible and available in absolutely no-time whatsoever! The quantum field of infinite possibilities now open to those with the Hearts and Minds to see beyond any remaining illusions of separation playing out and the old holographic overlays and Matrix simulation based on inversions, that is fully dissolving rapidly now. We no longer feed the illusions!

It’s basically down to you making that decision/ SHIFT IN FREQUENCY, by truly understanding y/our God given Power! A shift in perspective and perception, and it’s us fully re-claiming our creatorship, accountability and responsibility for our personal and Collective Realities.

The future that is happening and unfolding now, truly lies in our hands, hearts and minds! Use your power of intent, every word, thought, feeling, belief and action you take super consciously, now and all-ways, as we keep co-creating the future in every NOW.

Overwrite and collapse all lower, negative Realities through the zero point field of Divine Love and Neutrality, in NO-TIME. Then focus on that which you wish to experience instead and see more of. Our focus, attention and what we spend our energy on is what we keep helping to co-create!

Re-member how all of this really works and who is really in charge here! Then use your power to CO-CREATE ALL NEW WORLD’S & REALITIES NOW!!




Things are about to get REAL and quickly so! 😉

Eternal Love,

can YouRamona 💙

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