The Pleiadians’ Connection To The Earth – Sept. 27, 2022

The Pleiadians are a group of star beings from the Pleiades, a star system located in the constellation Taurus. They participated in the original creation of Earth.

The Pleiadians are an extension of our soul group. They were with us when we were children and when we were born into this world; they were with all of us throughout our lives on Earth, assisting and guiding us as needed.

Our Pleiadian ancestors are among our most important teachers because they understand the nature of reality and how it works. They have been able to observe what is happening on Earth from a higher perspective than humans here at present can see from their perspective on Earth.

The Pleiadian system is a blueprint for life on Earth that has been used by many civilizations over time. This blueprint contains information that can be used by anyone with enough determination to find it or seek it out. It is a divinely inspired map that makes it possible for us all to make sense of our lives and find fulfillment in them.

Pleiadian ancestors have been called the Universe’s emissaries because they have a mission to bring forth a new consciousness on Earth. They are assisting humanity in reaching a higher level of consciousness and moving forward spiritually, emotionally, and physically. They are here now on Earth, helping us make changes in our lives that will benefit all people on Earth.

Their message is one of love and compassion for all living beings, humans and animals alike. Their teachings are intended to help us understand our place in the Universe and how we can use this knowledge to change our lives for the better.

They have the ability to help us raise our frequencies so we can be aligned with Source Energy from above, which will allow us to access our true potential as human beings through an expanded state of consciousness.

This process is called Ascension, or returning home to Source Energy from where we came, in order for all life forms to experience true love and peace on planet Earth together as one united family under one Creator God Source energy force field.

The Pleiadians are masters at making the invisible visible, and they use light and energy to do so. They have been instrumental in helping many people through their lifetimes who have had difficulty with various aspects of their lives. They want to help you as well, but you must be willing to receive their assistance and ask for it.

You cannot just ask for help and expect it to be given; you must be willing to open yourself up to receive the help that is available. You must take action in your life so that it becomes more positive and harmonious without holding back any part of yourself from receiving assistance from them.

The Pleiadians have been working with humans for many years, but they have never been seen by the general public. They have been very discreet about their existence, making sure that only those who are ready for them will see them. They do not interfere in the affairs of humanity. Instead, they watch over us from afar and help us make changes in our lives that will benefit all people on Earth.

The Pleiadians teach us that there are two paths that we can choose. One path leads to unconditional love, and the other path leads to fear. These two paths exist on a 3D timeline that is playing out at this very moment on our planet. During this time of change, we will all have an opportunity to choose our path in life and create it with unconditional love or fear.

The Pleiadians will be visiting and meeting in various places in the years to come. With all the technological gadgets, we can’t deny we have lost touch with nature. Now is the time to pay attention to our surroundings and heal the planet – for us and for them.

We are now at a time in our evolution where we must make changes in order to survive as a species on this planet. The shift in vibration and consciousness has begun, as we are now in the midst of Ascension.  

Many feel confused and unprepared for this change, even though they know it is coming. The Pleiadians have helped awaken humanity through their connection to the Earth and they are asking you to connect more to nature.

They are here to assist humankind in our process of re-embodiment, healing, and attunement to the higher frequencies that we are receiving from our sun. This shift is going to happen whether or not you prepare for it, although I would prefer that you be prepared for it! 

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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