Sophie Grégoire ~ Sept. 21, 2022


kundalini energy

UPDATE. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions lately. Old sensations even memories still unhealed coming back up. Detourts feeling unnecessary. Plans changing sometimes or « great things » suddenly feeling less aligned. Hang in there. Stuck energy is being released & healed even more. Allow yourself to feel without expectations. Don’t judge yourself for how you feel — you aren’t going back to old ground.

You are held to heal to a deeper degree. Also, some within your relationships may be holding resentment. It’s not that much about you. It’s because we are all moving through a lot. Everyone is being taken out of their comfort zone somehow. Out of this discomfort, a new dawn is about to emerge. The Equinox is offering new equilibrium, inner peace & is about to give solutions & luck out of nowhere to long-standing issues. You are doing great. You are on track. You are exactly where you should be.


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