Blue Rose Oracles ~ Sept. 21, 2022


Royal Feline Nation

Beautiful rainbow hued plasma waves are streaming through a large tetrahedron that is forming around Gaia to support the next quantm shift into a faster bandwidth as the Equinox approaches.

A huge collective timeline is collapsing and we are shifting into a time of reconnecting with each other through the heart as the old mind patterns and logical lines of processing and thinking are no longer aligned within this faster energetic vibration.

The crown chakra is now ready to receive the upgrades that support the anchoring of new templates and ways of creating, living, being and flowing.

Old ways of creating and being of service are shifting rapidly within these crystalline rainbow waves of acceleration as ALL formats, patterns and modalities are upgrading to reflect the transition towards co creating from the heart and gathering together to co create new communities and ways of being that become imprints and bridges within the grids for the next generation to anchor and create a holographic reality experience that’s free of duality, separation and limitation.

What’s no longer working for you is just the old patterns dissolving as the version of you attached to the old outcomes, comfort zones, slower dimensional timelines and ways of being is upgrading, expanding and being guided to surrender the projections, illusions and survival based responses that were part of the matrix conditionin.

This is the era of a new age, the realm of the heart based inner sovereign who inherently knows their worth and creates from a space of aligned flow.

You are ready to fly, to leap into the precipice of the unknown fully surrendered and ready to receive the guidance of your own inner wisdom.

The expansion phase is uncomfortable as retrograding planets offer you the chance to reach beyond the past and transcend the scripts, narratives, characters and stages that you created and attracted as these all belong to the old holographic reality.

You are ready to expand into the fullness of your divine presence.

Key 🔑 Observations
Crown upgrades continue leading to being offline as your intuive channels recallibrate to the higher bandwidths.

Sacral and Solar plexus clearing around survival drivers and patterns.

Switching between bliss and anxiety states.

collective heart clearing as grief layers arose leading to the purging of old timeline imprints within the grids related to civilisations ending and periods of huge collective change.

Stomach purges as old survival drivers shift and this can bring up old mind chatter around security which affects the inner child/inner parent dynamic.

Excessive thirst, neck and shoulder pain as we observe any resistance patterns to moving forward.

Take only what resonates, use your discernment and follow your own intuition.

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