This And That – Sept. 20, 2022

Basking in the amber rays of the sun as it peeks from the horizon has a way of boosting your light quotient and literally “lighting up your DNA.” Now it turns out that the sunlight absorbed through your skin also makes you feel better at the cellular level by boosting your immune system in several ways.

Absorbing sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in promoting healthy immune function. Specifically, it reduces the risk of autoimmunity whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy human cells.

Healthy levels of Vitamin D also boost both the innate and adaptive immune systems. This leads to a strengthened ability to fight off pathogens more efficiently.


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It’s all coming.

Just be ready you are ready for it all.



Ahead of the U.N.’s annual global meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told world leaders that nations are ‘gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction’




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Four Organizations All Founded in 1913..

FED – Federal Reserve

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

IRS – Internal Revenue Service

ADL– Anti Defamation League

No coincidences

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] ELON [ DID his DUTY<


The ramifications of this EXPOSURE leads to CHNIA CCP MIL. INTELLIGENCE Agency. Who have Agents working inside [TWITTER] (Spying  on Congressional members including the current and former Presidents of the United States account and> live time geo locations )

As many had doubts about MUSK and his loyalties and allegiance.  Q the Storm Rider had gave several drops last year and this year the behind the scenes collective Military operations that include ] ELON [ . It had been stated here in this channel that Musk’s move on TWITTER would EXPOSE the corruption of the social media giant. >Which would lead to connections in Facebook. Google. YouTube. INSTAGRAM, TIK TOK.<

Current hearings with Congressional members and several High commanders in Attendance, have now publicly opened the Doors to Espionage/Treason/ Election Interference/ /Censorship on free speech that EXPOSED the vaccines and cover-ups corrected to FAUCI. Gates, Big PHARMA, ect ect. INCLUDING massive cover-up by the DOJ. FBI ( Hunter Biden laptop)…. The magnitude of corruption connected to the democratic party/CIA/ FBI and Foreign Intelligence agencies working with the corrupted Democratic party and leaders, all let back to OBAMA. CLINTONS. >>> [ SILICON VALLEY]

8 year ago it had become evident through the EU military ALLIANCE and operations in order to clean the European swamp connected to Bush, Clinton Obama  DAVOS CONTROLLED militarized social media infrastructure , [ SILICON VALLEY]  had to be Targeted!

What your witnessing now as MUSK has brought light and world attention to the absolute corruption [TWITTER]  [ Big Tech] and CORRUPT AGENCIES working in connection with Espionage at the highest levels, Foreign and Domestic to over throw governments, Presidents, Prime Minister’s and conceal Treasonous military coups using [TWITTER]

and Social Media PLATFORMS that hosts the world populations of 5 billion users.

[SILICON VALLEY] is now in the KILLBOX of the Military Alliance Operations as Whistleblowers,  Congress, Military commanders,. U.S. States  make their individual moves on the treachery of DEEP STATE CONTROLLED SOCIAL MEDIA and [ SILICON VALLEY].

As Texas leads the assault on Big Tech and fights for freedom of Speech. Behind the scenes >>

>} CABLES:; The Whisper of Military control advancing on [SILICON VALLEY] using Texas MILITARY National Guard deputized as U.S. Federal Marshals is inside the scope of OPERATIONS.

>The same Military OPERATIONS to seize NYC news head quarter operations and AP networks is in the Scope of OPS

> The same Military OPERATIONS to seize AT&T telecommunications head quarters and data SERVERS Is in the Scope of OPS

/// NOW you understand The importance of MUSK and why TRUMP had to distance himself from Elon in 2017 > optics…. Seemingly no connection.//// MUSK connection to USSF WILL become evident in due time.

[_TWITTER] CONNECTED TO ESPIONAGE, TREASON  MILITARY COUP /…… This is what the Republican party , senators governor’s.  Military lower commands are learning…..

And if you don’t know already>>>>>>



Trust the PLAN.


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