“We are a GO!” | Public Takedown Ops Beginning | Expect the Coming Weeks to be EYE-OPENING!!! ~ Sept. 19, 2022


Editor’s Note: (Thanks to Eliza for this message!) Please click on this link for a video which is very important to hear from a military/Alliance perspective.


“We are a GO!” | PublicTakedown Ops Beginning | Expect the Coming Weeks to be EYE-OPENING!!!

SGAnon gives a breakdown of comms from President <45>, President Putin, and discusses the multi-faceted approach that is about to play out around the world.

Hope you have paid attention to this point. Your sleepers will need you soon.

Signals, boys and girls, signals. The MILITARY is in charge and operations are now active world-wide.


  • Black stars – pirate ship on open seas = declaration of war/total war/no quarter given/no prisoners, no military tribunals
  • Flags have been used as military signal system for centuries
  • Last call from the Commander in Chief was given with this flag. Those who did not comply will be removed, period.

Another recent development:

Those who are awake will be required to assist our fellows to grapple with the wake-up phase; it will be tough, fast-paced, and at times, brutal.

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