Home Again… – Sept. 16. 2022

If 50 illegal aliens showing up “unannounced” to one of the richest places in America is a “humanitarian crisis” imagine how much of a crisis it is when 7,000+ illegals descend on America’s poorest towns along the Southern Border every single day.


The Cosmic Light Family is the most powerful flowing beings without any attachments to labels & identities. We don’t need a lot of us to be potent & powerful. We just need to know there are others here for our support, to connect & share with — all manifesting the same goal.

Every post is now averaging 8k in views. Remember, we only need 7k humans in Energy via meditation or aligned Energy to shift matter & events in the physical realm. I believe we are HERE NOW. These next few days are incredibly POWERFUL in the collective realm — Bring your Energy in your Sacred Heart & let it EXPAND — let it EXPAND like a Nuclear Mushroom Cloud of LOVE. Let it EXPAND into Earth’s Leylines all around the world. Step into your POWER. Step into your LIGHT. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 🙏🏽💜🔥



Happy Rising Cosmic Fam! It’s ‘Shut the F up Friday’! I love my cannabis homies — Pot Brothers at Law. NEVER CONSENT!

I’m almost done with my Quantum Time-Jump Part 2 — where I discuss how to use the ‘Invisible Frequency’, where one can vibrate so high, your physical presence because ‘ghost-like’ to the average 3D worker. Move through the matrix with the least amount of friction. May you never have to deal with a 3D lower emotional police officer ever.


Square Cube Clouds are appearing — I took the first 2 pics when I noticed a very distinguishable square cloud sitting on top other clouds. ☁️ 👀☁️


Right on Q — the public reveal timeline for Chuck & raggedy Andy will be short & stubby comedy show. Reinforce Monarch Implosion at Lightning Speed & Power! ⚡️💥⚡️

King Charles’ red, chafed hands raise eyebrows after ‘sausage fingers’


Queen’s death accelerates ex-colonies’ push to ditch UK crown




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