Gregorian v. Julian ~ Sept. 16, 2022


By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 16, 2022

Multiple source report something big (3/15/44BC, 4/4/1865, 7/17/1918, 12/7/1941, 11/22/1963, 9/11/2001 like) will happen Sept. 24, 2022.

Sept. 24, 2022 (Gregorian) = Sept. 11, 2022 (Julian)

  • Was Julius Caesar murdered by the Deep State on March 15, 44BC (Julian Calendar)?
  • Was Abraham Lincoln murdered by the Deep State on April 4, 1865?
  • Was Nicholas Romanov II murdered by the Deep State on July 17, 1918?
  • Was Pearl Harbor bombed by the Deep State on December 7, 1941 to bring America (Defeated) under United Nations?
  • Was JFK murdered by the Deep State to protect the NAZI CIA and Deep State on November 22, 1963?
  • Was the World Trade Center bombed by the Deep State on September 11, 2001 to prevent NESARA?

Sept. 25, 2022 is Rosh Hashanah (First day of the Jewish New Year) – Out with the Old, In with the New!

Something Strange Is Happening In Denver!

  • Some are saying Riots (? International ? Germany ?)
  • Some are saying Market Crash
  • Some are saying Run on the Banks
  • Some are saying Rods from God

It would be best if any or all of the above occurred before Brandon leaves office. Rummer is he and his clone are dead.

17 = Q

I have wondered for years if the only son of God was a reference to the only biological son of Julius Caesar (God) named Cesarean. Cesarean’s mother was Cleopatra who was declared a virgin and daughter of Isis (goddess). After Caesar’s Assassination Cleopatra fled to Egypt and married Mark Antony (stepfather of Cesarean) who sired 2 boys and a girl (fraternal twin). Cleopatra made arrangements for her children to travel east before she and Mark Antony died. Caesar also had an adopted son named Augustus Caesar, or if you prefer Caesar Augustus. Augustus could only become Emperor of Rome when Cesarean was dead, because Emperor of Rome was Cesarean’s Birth Right. This Birth Right meant that Cesarean could be heralded as King of the Jews upon entering Jerusalem in addition to all of the Roman Empire.

Is any of the above fact? I don’t know, but the more intriguing question is; Is DJT the biological descendant of Julius Caesar, Cesarean, or Yahshua / Jesus?

Cleopatra (1963 ) Elizabeth Taylor Entrance into Rome Scene (HD)

Monty Python – Constitutional Peasants Scene (HD)

I’m not impressed with Monarchy, Bloodline, or Theocratic rule, I see all the carnage it has caused. Unfortunately the same is true of all government thus far.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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