September 13, 2022: Stuck in the Past; Dreaming of the Future [videos] ~ Sept. 13, 2022


‘Norway Spiral’ worm hole, 2009

This Starseed journey has been exceptional, hasn’t it? Over eleven years plus, we have explored the furthest reaches of our imaginations and beyond. Who knew our minds went this far? Astonishing new truths and hidden agendas were uncovered and embraced into our new reality. Even some of the most reticent have relaxed their parameters of what is possible and found exciting opportunities for growth and sown seeds for an almost unrecognizable future.

We feel like we’ve been at this a long time but truth be told, others have laid the groundwork for centuries. If we consider this familial dot connecting we might get a sense for who is who and why they came. It would also confirm that “nothing is what it seems”. Link to Telegram, and much more at this same channel was posted previously and you can view it at your leisure.

— BLOODLINES – Omar (President Lincoln’s son) is Jfk Sr & his brother’s Father) William Wallace (President Lincoln’s Son). All FAMILY. The 2 Kennedy Brothers were adopted into the Kennedy Family (Both brothers are Lincoln Kahlooni) by birth..Not Kennedy’s. Abraham Lincoln (is a Kahlooni) = Druze/Jesus Bloodline. President Trumps real Father is General Patton.Trump was adopted into the Trump family..General Patton is William Wallace Lincoln Kahlooni’s Son (William Wallace is President Abe Lincolns son). Trump = Druze/Jesus/Bloodline —

If you didn’t know, it’s time you did.

The information in these two posts relate to an extraordinary historical update we found on Rumor Mill News recently and shared two days ago. This is more detail on “The Antarctican Alliance” and the individual groups that have been preying on Humanity for decades, why no civilians are permitted in Antartica, etc. Link to Telegram.

There is good news and bad news on the funeral front regarding the lizard queen. King Charles tells us the ten days of mourning [and b.s.] has been extended to 17 which means we have the stamp of approval from the Earth Alliance. We’re good to go. This Charlie’s gonna play ball with us. Home run coming.

flowers and gifts left for Lady Diana Spencer at the time of her death

In the short clips at this link on Telegram, we see the outpouring of love for the British monarch Elizabeth II in the form of flowers and gifts left at Buckingham Palace. After that we see the ocean of flowers and a far greater representation of the grief the British people felt at the passing of Lady Diana Spencer/Princess of Wales whose soul mission it was to infiltrate the fake royal family. Link to Telegram.



Who is really loved by the people.

Between ourselves:
That Diana Spencer – after all, she got involved with her karma to marry a Prince Charles and settle down in such a Satanist family

BTW, what’s with Charles’ “sausage fingers”, Good Dog asks. I think he knows and strongly suggests in a couple of posts. Link to Telegram.

I don’t know about this, my friends. But it’s interesting. What do you think? I think anything is possible. We’ll see. I think we have enough proof that the current photos of JFK Jr. are the real deal, so…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Diana. Princess Diana, as some of you may remember me as.

I spent 25 years of my life hiding, being scared, not having anyone to talk to. I did it for my children and for the people of the world. What I’m about the reveal in the upcoming months will shake your bones!
Who died in the car accident?
Who ordered for me to be killed?
Who saved my life and gave a shelter?
This is all bigger than you think, you will not believe your eyes when I publish all of the information I have

Join this channel and make sure that you share it with everyone that you care about because they all need to hear this!

In exactly 10 days I will go LIVE and share the truth


Manhattan following the destruction of the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. [9-11]

Do you know what will go on longer than 17 days? The conversations about 9/11. It’s time. Tick-tock.

In the video linked below to Telegram, we can NOT find a plane—because there were no planes. This is actual footage the psychopaths never confiscated which has not been doctored.

It shows the tower exploding with no impact from a plane. No plane in sight. As we have stated many times over the years, the planes were inserted via CGI [computer generated imaging] so the media could show the world that planes hit the towers—and show it over, and over, and over, and over.

It was a total fabrication and everyone was so traumatized that they internalized the images shown on televisions across the world and bought it— hook, line, and sinker, never questioning because they saw it on TV. They saw it on TV, the talking heads told them it happened, they drilled it into our heads with repetition linked to the trauma, and created a false reality in the minds of Humanity to suit their narrative and accomplish a few other aspects of their plan. These monsters are well versed in trauma-based mind control.  Link to Telegram.

These are Good Dog’s remarks about that video clip above:

gee, I guess the clowns didn’t edit this video, huh? almost like they didn’t control the narrative like they do today?

jet fuel does not melt steel. just ask the planes over our head that burn the fuel in steel engines.

so, what collapsed those towers?


Incidentally, it is not surprising that the above video exists because there were quite a few who knew this event was coming and I have no doubt someone ensured they were in a place to document it for the future when proof would be required. The Patriots have been planning their Liberation of Humanity for many decades, too.

When we look at this image below of one of the steel beams an aluminum plane supposedly sliced through, it’s obvious that something else took down the towers. Were the beams purposely weakened by sabotaging their integrity? How would they do that?

Or was it a space weapon—because even a demolition doesn’t slice off a steel beam at a clean 45 degree angle, now does it? When you think about it, there was a lot of pre-planning, foreknowledge, and activity to install explosives. It was not a sneak attack by some dark-skinned people who hate us because we are free, as President Bush stated. I never heard anything so lame in all my life. That truth resonated as a lie as shocked as I was. Link to Telegram.

What many Americans didn’t know until the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth team of engineers, etc. pooled their resources and first person accounts, was that a third building at the World Trade Center complex collapsed that day—right into its own footprint. It was an obvious demolition to most who saw the footage, but NIST concocted another absurd story to cover it up and made it official.

Do people really believe it’s just a coincidence that this attack happened on 9/11 when in America you dial 9-1-1 in an emergency? How naïve can one get? There ARE no coincidences.

There was no plane, just an office fire on a couple of floors in a steel building which subsequently fell over? Figure it out. Steel buildings have caught fire in the past in various places in the world and they burned all night and into the next day before the fires were extinguished and the buildings never lost their integrity or fell.

A whole lot of lying went on in September of 2001 and we have seen the painful results in our society ever since. People need to wake up, and the crowd-sourced billboards erected at Times Square in Manhattan, New York and other places aimed to do just that.

There was no plane at the Pentagon that day, either. Allow me to share one of my favourite videos again of the missile hitting that very strategic point and killing 125 people. If you doubt, Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch also told us that via a FOIA request, they secured an image of the missile which was painted to look like an American Airlines plane and showed us that image. I believe it was on Twitter and he got a lot of heat for sarcastically calling it a “plane” but we could see in his photo it was a missile.

I believe the video below is from that Citgo gas station mentioned at the Judicial Watch website at this link.


And here is a similar missile, according to the article below. It’s a good article. The US military was infiltrated by these sick control freaks like everything was infiltrated.

9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

We have repeatedly warned that there are a massive number of painful truths that Humanity must come to terms with. We’re not done. Not by a long shot.

Oh—you’re not ready for any more? One moment please…

Sorry, we have too much momentum to rein it in at this point so gather yourself. There’s more coming.

One of the most difficult truths to swallow for many people is that the creatures running the world are satanists and use spells and extraordinary powers to conjure up demons to help them perform their ritual Human sacrifices. They also trick Humans into adding their energy to the rituals—at events like the Super Bowl. That is a story for another day.

We have video of President Bush, who safely installed himself on that fateful day in 2001 at a classroom in Sarasota, Florida. The teacher had the children chanting spells and incantations to manifest the horrific event the dark ones had planned until he got the word that “both planes” had hit the towers. Mission accomplished.

The excellent video below has a lot of explanatory material inserted so we all understand what was happening and why. Some may consider it far-fetched but that is precisely how they have been able to accomplish the global takeover. No one believed it. Most were in denial.

They turned their backs and went on living their lives—or they may have died trying to warn us. Many did. As they conclude in this video, it is time for the spell to be broken. As the illusion dissolves and the masses see their world for what it is and the monsters who have been running it for what they are, the world will change. WE, as a race will change.


If you have not yet seen the video I, Pet Goat II, it’s recommended viewing. Subconsciously it might provide new insights for those coming to terms with what has happened on this planet at the hands of these off-world satanic psychopaths. There are many discussions about what this 7 minute short means. It is ground-breaking and brilliant.


Twenty-one years later, the Biden administration is proposing we basically forgive and forget what happened on September 11, 2001. The perps would love that. Rather than the hanging or a firing squad for their treason, they are granted special deals?

Q said, “No deals.” I hope they are sincere in that statement.

Do you think this will be a popular move?

— Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) September 12, 2022

Some things are so disgusting I don’t even like typing the words. I hope this is fake news. This is two nations that were slow to wake up. Qincidence? Link to Telegram.

Crickets are being pushed on school children in Canada and Australia.

To close, and as relief from some weighty material, a little levity. No matter how many times this few seconds replayed I laughed out loud every time. Silliness for sanity. Laughter is infectious.

STOP IT!!!🤣🤣🤣

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) September 12, 2022

For anyone not aware who doesn’t get the joke…

This big bruiser of a former first lady is a “he”, and Barry likes him that way. Obama slipped up once and said, “Michael and I…”.  So many secrets. Zero transparency.

The people who were put into power on this planet deceived us on every level. How did we not see it? It’s all water under the bridge and we’ve learned our lesson. Now it’s time to step up and do what needs to be done to bring this chapter to a close.

Expose the imposters, the traitors, the treasonous monsters and predators. Elevate our consciousness to a standard that eclipses the evil ones and their dark energies. Leave them in the dust.

We will have the last laugh but we have to deal with the past in order to move forward. Right now we are stucker than stuck in a reality too many lack the cojones to face.

Be sure to see the comments section below each post for information the crew shares with us.  ~ BP  [see P.S. below]

P.S. Right at press time this announcement came in. The olde guard is rapidly fading away.

BREAKING: Ken Starr, Former Federal Judge And Clinton Investigator, Dies At 76 | The Daily Wire

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