“Q” Issues? – Sept. 13, 2022

Editor’s Note: I did not write the post below, yet the same questions posed below linger in my core.

Q, and the Alliance are indeed saving our planet, yet is this “saving” of the planet actually a “flip” of a “flip”? The Trump team is ridding the dark via their own laws being used against them. The ultimate consumers are indeed being consumed themselves!

Hmm…it seems to me the legal flip being headed by Trump, is indeed being used by Source/All That Is/ Supreme Creator/God (pick your name!) to actually provide a way for the Earth, and humanity, to ascend!

Perhaps this is the reason we do not hear much about spiritual processes along with the political tasks being accomplished. I guess the public needs to have Christian values espoused (even though the purpose of organized Christianity is to control) through tithing.

Please check out this link https://eraoflight.com/2022/09/14/the-universal-reset-5/, understand the true value of any revolutionary event stems from the desire for FREEDOM from the eternal souls involved, KNOW your reality is created via your Quantum Self (we are ALL Quantum inside!), and then BE in…

Quantum Joy


Do you know why I am no longer a devoted follower of Q? Because it’s the exact same, creation by proxy, narrative seeding that the mainstream narrative employs. It even tells you, straight up: “future proves past”. That’s the mechanism. It’s literally, right there.

I’ve written on this before, within the mainstream narratives context and the rationale is so simple, I fail to see why “woke” Q people don’t also see it there? We are, at our core, Sovereign, creator beings. We are from Source. That which controls this reality… what Q calls the Deep State, etc.… is not of Source and so it cannot create. Which means that we are given the playbook – via media, banking, $cience, politics, religion, etc. – as to what is and is not real and all of the details which hold that narrative together. As we intentionally – as a captive population – buy into and believe these things… right down to immutable “laws”… we co-create that actual reality. We literally bring our own prison into existence.

So take Q drops and put them in this context: information is released which nurtures and accentuates a polarizing counter narrative to the mainstream narrative (a counter narrative which is not wrong, by the way) but then also, powerfully plants seeds of expectation and belief that are so overwhelmingly intentional in the minds of its sycophants that they are literally co-creating that reality. Which wouldn’t be all that bad… if it didn’t necessarily entail a global collapse, a ton of upheaval and the installation of a new, equally bullshit, mainstream narrative which has been dutifully highlighted in the comparative spotlight of division politics.

I’m sure some of my Q friends are confused right now… because I’m clearly saying it’s all real – it is – but I’m also saying it’s real because that’s how it’s been set up: for all of you to co-create it, just as the script you’re handed says. So if millions of you are bracing for ATMs to not work from date X to date Y… and especially if you’re all making a run on the banks today and tomorrow… then guess what? You’re gonna get what you were programmed to create.

Stop it.

Stop whoring out your Creative Power.

Remember who you are. ☀️🌬🌊🕊✨💫

PS: As you read this, be mindful of your triggers… they will show you where you are not yet free. Future absolutely proves past. Figure it out.

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