Current News ~ Sept. 13, 2022



🚨 Videos showing a large CJNG Cartel convoy in #Guerrero, #Mexico.— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) September 12, 2022

This is insanity. they are doubling down on the green agenda and purposely dismantling our civilization. This will create poverty and serfdom in our nation.

Governor of #Belgorod region of Russia urges citizens in #Zhuravlyovka and #Nekhoteyevka villages on the border with Kharkiv region to evacuate

🚨#BREAKING: Explosions in #Taganrog, #Russia— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) September 12, 2022

🚨 Russian missile attacks on #Kharkiv. Reports of two direct hits.— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) September 12, 2022

🚨Unconfirmed – The moment of the strong explosion at CHPP-5 in #Kharkiv yesterday evening.— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) September 12, 2022

Meanwhile on Russian state TV: top propagandists urge a total blackout of Ukraine, with no electricity or running water. They argue that those whom they consider “their people” can be fed and warmed up later and the rest are “serving the U.S.” to bring about Russia’s destruction.— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) September 12, 2022

A timelapse of the Ukrainian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast so far.

(Approximate situation each day as of 00:00 UTC)— Ukraine War Map (@War_Mapper) September 13, 2022

Russia’s decision to abandon military equipment during retreat from Ukrainian attack in #Kharkiv oblast is indicative of disorganized command & control: senior #US military official
Many retreating Russian forces have moved over the border into #Russia, senior #US military official

On his Telegram, Kremlin chief propagandist, #Soloviev, called for the execution of #Russian commanders who allowed the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine in the #Kharkiv region

Russian command stops sending new units into Ukraine – General Staff

Russia Ex-President Medvedev Demand to End Ukraine War: ‘Total Capitulation’ (unconditonal surrender of Ukraine and take over of the entire nation by Russia)

U.S. defense official, when asked about U.S. support if Kyiv decides to push into Crimea: “We support #Ukraine’s territorial integrity & sovereignty.”

Senior U.S. military official: “On the ground in the vicinity of Kharkiv we assess that Russian forces have largely ceded their gains to the Ukrainians and have withdrawn to the north and east. Many of these forces have moved over the border into Russia.”

Ukraine has signaled that it will make major new requests for weapons from the U.S. and its allies, including a long-range missile system, document shows.

👀👀👀— Justin Vogt (@Justin_Vogt) September 13, 2022

🔥 Zaporizhzhia is a large-scale fire, so far it is not known what exactly is burning.— Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 (@Heroiam_Slava) September 12, 2022

The Armenian Ministry of Defense reported that the Azerbaijani military is shelling the country’s territory with artillery and using drones.
The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan called the next military conflict on the border a large-scale provocation of the Armenian armed forces.

Multiple Armenian Artillery and S-300 Air Defenses Systems as well as a number of Azerbaijani Aircraft have all reportedly been destroyed in the Extremely Heavy Fighting that began between the 2 Countries only around an hour ago, I expect a large number of Casualties as well.— OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) September 12, 2022

#Armenia‘s Defence Ministry´s latest update:

▪️Situation extremely tense
▪️UAVs, artillery, mortars being used
▪️Civilian and military infrastructure being targeted
▪️#Azerbaijan troops have advanced in some areas
▪️Combat for positions underway<a href=">— Nagorno Karabakh Observer (@NKobserver) September 13, 2022

Updated map of confirmed targeted areas in Armenia: <a href=">— Faytuks News Δ (@Faytuks) September 13, 2022

Pro-Russian Zaporozhye authorities: Kyiv is preparing a major attack on the area of the Zaporozhye plant and transfer missiles and artillery there.

IT BEGINS: The Moscow Times reports that after the collapse of the Kharkiv front, Putin retreated to his Sochi mansion and cancelled meetings with his military staff. In other news: the Kremlin announces referendums on the annexation of UKR territories have been cancelled.— Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | (@ChuckPfarrer) September 12, 2022

German industries on the verge of collapse. Europe’s largest steel firm Arcelor Mittal is shutting down factories due to lack of natural gas and high cost of electricity.

Germany’s economy may never recover.#Russia #sanctions

<a href=">— S.L. Kanthan (@Kanthan2030) September 12, 2022

Joe Biden is supplying targeting co-ordinates for US weapons to attack the #Zaporizhia #Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant!
Cdnpoli polCan Auspol EUpol NZpol USpoli PnPCBC UKpolitics— Bring 🇨🇦 Troops Home! (@GordBolton) September 12, 2022

Massive 5-alarm fire erupts at structure near March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County <a href=">— redandblackattack (@redanblacattack) September 12, 2022

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