What Do You See? – Galactic Update ~ Sept. 12, 2022


What Do You See? – Galactic Update

There are a lot of things happening right now. Most people have no clue that the Galactics are waring with the Draco’s. Their ships are usually disguised in a wolf/dog cloud. The cloud that looks like a cake, with stacked layers, are the weather modification ships. Watch the clouds. The ET groups are signaling who they are by the shape of the clouds they are hiding in. The Arcturians, they are hiding in Whale or Dolphin shaped clouds.

See the Whale Shaped Cloud in New Zealand and we are also seeing ships that are floating in the sky, then zip off quickly. We have seen red lights and then they just disappear. There is a lot of activity in the sky. The wars are still happening. Just had a massive rain storm and it lasted about an hour. Then our streets got completely flooded.

Arizona is not used to rain so city managers did not anticipate rain run off. The rain creek is now running down the middle of our freeway! Had a massive traffic jam and no one could get through to Phoenix so the state will be fixing this problem soon. I’m sure this is true for most areas. What I was told, is that the Galactics are flooding out the top levels/bunkers of the DS labyrinths. This drives the Reptilians down into the bottom levels.

Once they are driven inside their tunnel system to the bottom floors, the Galactics hit them with a large 7.6 or 8.4 earthquake. This kills them dead and then there is no mess to clean up. The military is doing what they can to keep them underground so they don’t come up to the surface. This would really freak out the blind eye’s of the sheeple.

Dragons are reptilians and the different groups within the Illuminati are referred to as dragons. They are specifically identified by black, green, red, white and gold. This is indicative of their rank, and they particularly like those colors. Think scales! Dragons love gold and power too. They were the ones in control thus, they are the ones that the Galactics are removing. Anyone in power has tons of money and in high head status…they are DRACOS!

In addition, the planet was taken over by the Arcturians. They stepped in to free the “HU”. This is God’s army. They are incredible warriors due to their ability to read minds, and see the future. They are helping the Archangels and the Pleiadians. The Arcturians are amazing healers. They are not talkative type of people and very dedicated to their missions. They don’t lose because of their ability to strategize and out anticipate the enemy. They squash them like bugs. That is what you are witnessing now. They don’t play and there are no excuses.

My SCIO biofeedback device was given to humanity by the Arcturians. They are amazing healers and they also know how to live forever. They have the med beds and will be bringing them to humanity. We are going to learn how to heal due to star origin. This crap that Western Medicine did was just killing devices. Nothing healed, cured or protected the basic soul fields of the person. They are all war criminals and the Arcturians have no respect for them. Pain is coming!

I told you, years ago I met some Arcturians at the Caesar hotel in Las Vegas. They think of these sheeple as monkeys. They don’t have consciousness. They don’t use their brains and they act like instinct only existence. There is no desire to better themselves. They just want someone else to take care of them and this is not admirable to the Arcturians. The way the Arcturians believe about life (and soul development) is surely going to make people uncomfortable if they have been complacent. I will discuss more on my show. Pleiadians will be the first to meet the Hu. We are family. Our DNA comes from them and our stem cells came from Archangel Michael.

For now, just watch the sky and start noticing who is above you.

PS. My site is having issues because the server material is being moved onto the new block chain. Keep the faith people, God always wins.

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5 thoughts on “What Do You See? – Galactic Update ~ Sept. 12, 2022

  1. “This would really freak out the blind eye’s of the sheeple.”

    LET them be freaked out. I, for one, am SICK and TIRED of having to suffer for the ‘benefit’ of the sheeple. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY.

    “Behind the Scenes” MUST become “Center Stage” for EVERYONE to see.


  2. Yes I have seen clouds like that one was told to me to be the Arctirians who wanted contact. You could see the cloud being made at one end of it ..fascinating.


  3. I hope so but only the benevolent ones. We have been stuck on this prison planet for thousands of years in a closed system trap of recycling so from watching some of the remote viewing events on farsight..org, most of us were thrown into this system because we were very powerful and a threat to those malevolent races that invaded and turn this into a prison planet lab experiment. According to William Thompkins it worse than we know. Some who know, eventually grow a conscience and reveal the truth. William died not too long after those interviews with Kerry Cassidy.
    They hesitate to help us because they say we were tricked into consent and I call bullshit cuz tricking us by implied consent is not consent and these so called federations should see how universal laws have been broken because of the trickery. This system of enslavement and matrix needs to be taken down and humanity freed from these beings especially in the human trafficking blood ritual sacrifices and entrapment of our souls, and memory wipes. No one consented to that crap.


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