Pars Kutay ~ Sept. 12, 2022


at the Crossroads

In the Present Moment of NOW. . . WE Stand at the Crossroads Between Two Worlds.

One We CANNOT Remember. . . and the Other Holds us Energetically in every Moment WE have Breathed Life.

Indeed. . . our Akashic will Unfold in Glory as WE Behold the MASTERY of our BEing!

These are Moments to Allow FORGIVENESS of All Perceived Mistakes by Everyone.

Through Trials and Mishaps. . . WE have Learned and Grown Exponentially.

Many Moments of Tripping and Falling Down were Planned by our SOUL to Show us the Power WE Carry and the Ability WE Have to Move Forward in the Face of All Adversity.

Transcendence is based on PERSONAL Change and Experience.

When WE Live the Lesson It BEcomes REAL.

Our SOUL has made this Journey to Earth Again for the Culmination of ALL Dreams.

Our SOUL is Here for the Display of our MASTERY as We SHIFT into the Fullness of BEing.

All that WE have Perceived in ALL Dreams. . . will BURST Forth in LIGHT as the Glory of our TRUE SELF.

Those Present in this Dream. . . CHOSE to Dream Together.

This is the Dream of AWAKENING!

This is the Dream Where WE Dream NO More!

Celebrations of Music are Playing at a Frequency Unheard by Human Ears.

Angels are Singing in tones that would Explode in Colours through the Ethers if Only WE Could Hear.

CRAFTS are Full of Friends from HIGH Places that Scan the Earth and Watch Over us.

WE Focus on Aspects of GOODNESS and LIGHT! This will See us through!

Our LIFE has Come FULL CIRCLE as WE Return to the BEginning!


Pars Kutay

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