Diego E. Berman, PhD ~ Sept. 12, 2022




Dear friends, we are currently processing an enormous amount of information within our bodies. The combination of the full moon in Pisces, the 9/9 energetic gate, and the first days of mercury retrograde, is creating a big wave of physical and emotional clearing.

Today and the next few days you may be experiencing the physical manifestation of these energetic shifts. You might feel emotionally drained,  and recalling intense emotional situations from your childhood or early years. Unresolved feelings of resentment, anger, nostalgia, and frustration might come into our awareness for deeper cleansing. This could create physical uneasiness within the nervous system: irritability, sleepiness, apathy, etc. and physical issues such as digestive problems: lack of appetite (or increase), acid reflux, bloating, pelvic and lower back pains, etc.

Many of you have been experiencing the end of a chapter and the start of a new path. This is going to be common in the next weeks for a lot of people, since we are truly leaving behind aspects of our lives, energies that do not belong anymore in our new realities. This is what is triggering the emotional clearings, and it can last this whole week.

The energy centers of our planet are also undergoing deep clearing and are affecting our societies as well. The old is crumbling and the new will emerge eventually. This is also affecting our lower energy centers: root and sacral areas, leading to feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and fatigue.

Try to observe and understand yourself, and listen to your body. Go within as you realize that you are undergoing a deep metamorphosis, within you and all around you. Keep your feet on the ground, stay hydrated, and focus of creating more joy in your heart. Breathe deeply and forgive everyone, make space within your emotional body for more Light. And remember, you are not alone!

Much love


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