Kat Anonup Update: Number 17 and Jesus’ True Birth Date ~ Sept. 12, 2022



Juan O Savin [Edited]

“The WA Monument is from THEIR symbology
representing Osiris’ missing penis
which Isis fashioned out of stone 
to have sex with Osiris’ corpse..
Osiris was so evil that Set, his own brother, killed him,
chopped the body into 14 pieces
& scattered them across Earth.
Isis was Osiris & Set’s mother..
she raced out & found all but one piece
of Osiris’ parted carcass
& she reassembled those 13 of the original 14.
but Isis couldn’t find his penis..
SO ON THE 17th DAY of the month
she fashioned a dildo in its place
& that is why


which is a mirror of Jesus’ death & resurrection..
Our symbol of Jesus’ resurrection is the cross
while theirs is an erect penis.
They place it in front of us all over the world
as a big f-you to those not a part of their evil.”

# 17 in the Bible = Complete Victory
Both sides are fighting for the # 17

In response Fighting Mama to her Publication

Fighting M

Juan O Savin
Why was the 9-11 so critical?
Because in the unholy city of WA DC
9-11 in the ancient understanding
is the true birthdate of Christ.
Jesus the Messiah was born on 9-11 3 B.C. 
& there were signs in the Heavens, 
Virgo giving birth at that time.
What happened on 9-11 in modern times?
It was an occult ritual at a very precise time 
where all the # ‘s had to match. 
Could 9-11 have happened on 9-10? No. 
On 9-12? No.
If it happened [on another day] 
it wouldn’t have had the magic
the ritual branding 
to give it the power & strength
they wanted it to have.
Look at David Rockefeller’s Newsweek article.
[Before he even built the Towers
his watch was set @ 9:11]..
On Catholic church buildings carved in stone 
is IXXI = 9-11 the birthdate of Christ.
They wanted to damage this date symbolically.
Inside the cults.. the devil demons can’t stand
to have that date ever honored.
For THEM it’s a perpetual horror date, something evil

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